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Arranged marriage

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered works on marriage arranged by an intermediary and consented to by both parties to the marriage. Works on marriage in which at least one party does not consent to the marriage and some element of duress is involved are entered under Forced marriage.

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Mohammad S. Dar, interviewed by Katherine Durbin

Abstract NA3718 Mohammad S. Dar, interviewed by Katherine Durbin, May 8, 2005, at the Stillwater Convenience store, Bangor, Maine. Dar talks about being from Pakistan; coming to the United States in 1983; his reasons for coming to the United States and then to Maine; arranged marriage; positive experiences; finding other Muslim families; teaching cultural values; comparison between his childhood in Pakistan and that of his children in the United States; Lahore; food and meals as a child in Pakistan;...
Dates: February to June 2005