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Country music

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Search also: headings for music of individual instruments followed by the qualifier "(Country)" and the subdivisions Methods (Country) and Studies and exercises (Country) under individual musical instruments and families of instruments Scope Note: This heading is assigned to country music for two or more performers.

Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

Ashley S. Parlin and Elizabeth “Lib” (Nile) Parlin, interviewed by Gary Sweatt


NA0759 Ashley S. Parlin and Elizabeth “Lib” (Nile) Parlin, interviewed by Gary Sweatt for FO 134, April 19, 1973, New Vineyard, Maine. The Parlins talk about country and western music; singing by the Parlins. Also included: map. Text: 27 pp. partial transcript. Recording: T 0601 - T 0602 1 hour.

Dates: 1960s-2001

Country Music in New England/Clifford R. Murphy Collection

Identifier: MF149
Scope and Contents In this series of six interviews, Clifford R. Murphy interviews New England country music musicians. Spanning from the 1930s all the way to the 2000s and multiple generations of musicians, these interviews provide an intimate look at country music in New England. As members of a close-knit community, the interviewees talk about each other, including other influential musicians like “Hal Lone Pine” Breau, Lenny Breau, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Wilf Carter, the various bands they were in,...
Dates: June-August 2005

Country, Western, and Bluegrass Music Collection

Identifier: MF185
Scope and Contents

This is an arbitrary collection of accessions created in June 2014 to bring together interviews that deal with country & western music. There are 44 series in NAFOH that relate to Country, Western, and Bluegrass Music, but 3 belong solely to this collection.

Dates: 1960s-2000s

Curly O’Brien, interviewed by Edward D. “Sandy” Ives


1296 Curly O’Brien, interviewed by Edward D. “Sandy” Ives, spring 1977, Bangor, Maine. 11 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ brief cat. Recording of two O’Brien television shows done as a memorial for Hal Lone Pine (aka the Lone Pine Mountaineer), a nationally known country music performer (née Harold Breau) from Old Town, Maine. Hal Lone Pine died in March 1977. New England Country Music. Text: brief catalog. Recording: mfc_na1296_t1385_01, mfc_na1296_t1386_01 [T 1385 - T 1386]. 2 hours

Dates: 1971 - 1999

Jeffrey “Smokey” McKeen Collection

Identifier: MF145
Scope and Contents This collection had a donation added in summer of 2006, the addition focuses on country music in Maine. The focus was expended to music in Maine generally as well as storytelling (especially about Herbert F. Jackson) and jokes when other interviews were added by McKeen. Fifteen accessions comprise the collection, which include Hal Lone Pine radio shows and oral interviews. These materials were gathered and donated by Jeff “Smokey” McKeen. The interviews were conducted by McKeen with country...
Dates: 1985-2005

Joseph Ogando Collection

Identifier: MF137
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of three interviews conducted by Joseph Ogando about country music in Maine and the Maritime Provinces and the paper that was written about the interviews for an independent study course with Edward D. “Sandy” Ives at the University of Maine in 1988. Themes include early years of radio; the importance of stories in early country music; and why country music was popular in northern Maine.

Dates: 1988

Julia Alice Smith, interviewed by Alice Mummé

Abstract 3284 Julia Alice Smith, interviewed by Alice Mummé, October 10, 1996 and October 29, 1996, Orono, Maine. In the first interview, Smith talks about growing up in Parsonfield, ME, in the 1920s and 1930s; rural life and technology; dairy farming; corn farming; apple varieties and orchards; food preservation; veal farming; country music and performing; farm chores for children; 4-H and the Grange; 4-H Congress Chicago, IL in 1937; college at the UMaine; social activities and clubs; feather beds;...
Dates: 1959-2008

Kathleen M. Clark, interviewed by Clifford R. Murphy

Abstract NA3375 Kathleen M. Clark, interviewed by Clifford R. Murphy, June 1, 2005 at her home in St. Albans, Maine. Kathleen is the widow of country music star Yodelin’ Slim Clark and used to perform with him as “Dr. Kathy.” Clark talks about Slim: meeting him; what he was like; his love of painting, camping, hunting, fishing and performing songs; recording music; working with WABI radio and television; performing in New England; bluegrass festivals; his son Wilf; how his heart surgery affected him;...
Dates: 1959-2008

NA 3746, text, Box 6 of 20, 1940-1980

 Item — Text NA 3746
Abstract Series II. Box 6. Research and Topical. Sandy Ives paper relational database of topical reference cards containing partial citations and call numbers for specific publications discussing traditional English dance, ballads, and folk music. Style cards contain quotes about styles and forms of folk music referenced to the volume citations in the first section of cards. Other subjects include notes on Origin, Motif, Minstrels, Border Ballads, Broadsides, Collectors, Folklore, Cowboy Songs, Sea...
Dates: 1940-1980