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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to books containing the daily, personal accounts of the writer's own experiences, attitudes, and observations. Use "journals (accounts)" when referring to an individual's or an organization's account of occurrences or transactions.

Found in 187 Collections and/or Records:

Moosabec Trustees Club Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1282-sc
Abstract Records selected members, or trustees of the Knights of Pythias Moosabec Lodge No. 123 in Jonesport, Maine.
Dates: 1956-1970

New England Travel Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1031-sc
Abstract Diary written by a female college student of an automobile trip through New England made by 4 women during the summer of 1926.
Dates: August 13-September 3, 1926

Nobleboro, Maine Town Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0365
Scope and Contents Records (photocopies) compiled by George F. Dow for his research on Nobleboro, Maine. Includes town records, church records, diaries, and information on some Nobleboro families.
Dates: 1793-1915

Velma Norton Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0999-sc
Abstract Diary of a woman living in Caribou, Maine.
Dates: 1932

A. Oscar Noyes Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1522
Scope and Contents Diaries of A. Oscar Noyes of Norway, Maine, for various years from 1862 to 1878. In the volumes Noyes records observations about the weather, his business affairs, social activities and family life. The collection also contains diaries of his brother Frank H. Noyes, also of Norway, for various years between 1872 and 1919. Frank Noyes also records the daily weather, events happening in Norway, his activities and family life.
Dates: 1862-1878

J. T. O'Reilly Record of West Branch Drive, North Twin

Identifier: SpC MS 0727-sc
Abstract Daily record of a log drive on the West Branch of the Penobscot River from April 13 to August 5, 1905.
Dates: April 13-August 5, 1905

Katherine Chase Owen Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0379
Scope and Contents A group of 19th century letters collected by Katerine C. Owen for publication in Dear Sue (1976) and Dear Capt. Fess (1977). Also included are other generalized and family documents, and the service records of Mrs. Owen's husband, Albert S. Owen, M.D.
Dates: 1850-1885

William Packard Papers, 1966-1985

Identifier: SpC MS 0381
Scope and Contents Papers of a screenwriter, poet, playwright, and editor of The New York Quarterly, a poetry magazine. The papers contain worksheets for plays, novels, films, poetry, and trade books by William Packard. Included also are editorial drafts, interviews, documents, and correspondence for The New York Quarterly.
Dates: 1966-1985

Ellery C. Park Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0955-sc
Abstract A diary of an attorney in Bethel, Maine. The diary is labeled Journal No. 3 beginning Aug. 18, 1888.
Dates: August 18, 1888-March 17, 1891

Frank G. Patterson Ledger and Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0388
Scope and Contents Ledger and diary listing accounts and events in Portland, Maine.
Dates: December 23, 1852-August 12, 1862

Paul C. Ware Mountain Journal

Identifier: SpC MS 0754-sc
Abstract A handwritten daily journal of a fire spotter in Maine. It includes personal memoirs and official records during the summers Paul Ware was a watchman for fires. Included also are a map, a newspaper clipping about the phasing out of fire rangers, and photographs.
Dates: 1956-1971

John Dana Payson Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1768
Scope and Contents 15 diaries, 1885-1910, of John Dana Payson, a teacher, summer resort keeper, and pastor. Payson was born in Cushing, Maine in 1861. Diaries date from his time at seminary in Bucksport, followed by stations in Bangor, Dexter, Southport, Camden, and Union. Payson notes the weather, church activities such as marriages and funerals, and daily activities.
Dates: 1885-1910

Willis H. Pearson Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1648-sc
Abstract Diaries kept by Pearson from Jan. 1, 1881 to Feb. 22, 1928, documenting his daily life and activities as well as outstanding happenings of the day. Brief notations from 1930 and 1972 are also included in the diaries. Collection also contains marriage certificate of Pearson and Emma C. Beale, 1906, plus plans for a grandfather's clock.
Dates: 1906-1972; Majority of material found within 1881-1928

Rufus B. Philbrook Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1306-sc
Abstract Diaries of Rufus B. Philbrook from 1859, 1860, 1861, 1864, and 1867, written both in Maine and in Minnesota.
Dates: 1859-1867

Benjamin Pickman Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0850-sc
Abstract Typescripts of three diaries which were copied from papers and Bible in possession of Mary Pickman Loring. The first was kept from April 11, 1779 to Sept. 20, 1880 while in Bristol, England. At beginning of diary: This book is the gift of Mr. William Routh, printer in Bristol, 1779. The second was kept from Jan. 1, 1783 to Dec. 31, 1784 while in England. The third was kept from Jan. 1, 1814 to June 25, 1815 while in Massachusetts. Towns of Beverly, Andover, and Boston are mentioned. Also...
Dates: 1779-1815

Pocket Diary (1875)

Identifier: SpC MS 1473-sc
Abstract A daily diary for 1875 of an unidentified person living in an unidentified location. Entries for the most part outline work done by the writer, including chopping, sawing, and transporting wood, plowing, harrowing, planting potatoes, working on roads, etc. Many entries note how much was earned for each task; some entries include comments on the weather, the writer's health and his social activities. A cash accounts section of the volume details purchases and amounts paid for labor and goods.
Dates: 1875

Pocket Diary (1891)

Identifier: SpC MS 1373-sc
Scope and Contents A diary of an unidentified person written in 1891. The entries are mostly concerned with recording the weather each day. From a few of the entries it appears that the diarist was a farmer. The only locations mentioned in the entries are Portland and Yarmouth, Maine.
Dates: 1891

Pocket Diary and Calendar (1899)

Identifier: SpC MS 1401-sc
Scope and Contents A pocket diary of an unidentified individual used to record sporadic entries of expenses and business transactions. Barbados, St. Croix and Puerto Rico are mentioned as are trips to Belfast and Islesboro (Maine?). The surname Williams appears several times in the entries. The volume was issued compliments of O.S. Janney & Co. of Philadelphia and Boston, importers of indigo, cutch, gambier, sumac, etc.; and dealers in dyestuffs, extracts and chemicals.
Dates: 1899

Pocket Diary Containing Jokes

Identifier: SpC MS 1590-sc
Abstract A pocket diary for the year 1899 used by an unidentified compiler to record jokes and riddles.
Dates: 1899?

Ernest Henry Pratt Papers

 Collection — Box 513
Identifier: SpC MS 0421
Scope and Contents The collection includes papers, school records, diaries, and a photograph of Ernest Henry Pratt.
Dates: 1891-1900

Nettie E. Prince Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1030-sc
Abstract Diary of a woman living in Madison, Maine. Included at the end of the diary is a record of her financial affairs.
Dates: February 20-December 31, 1904

Faculty Records (University Of Maine). Professor Stevens (James Stacy) Records

 Record Group
Identifier: UA RG 0011-007
Scope and Contents The record groups contains diaries, 1903-1940, of James Stevens recording his and his wife Bertha's daily activities, scrapbooks, ca. 1905-1932, compiled by Stevens and reflecting his interests and accomplishments, and Stevens' diplomas and honorary degrees, 1881-1924, from Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, the University of Rochester, Syracuse University, and the University of Maine as well as membership certificates in the Dickens Fellowship, Phi Kappa Phi, and Tau Beta Pi. Bertha Stevens' diplomas,...
Dates: 1881-1940

Remick Family Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: SpC MS 0430
Abstract Remick family papers include items that date to the late 17th century. Most of the papers concern Oliver P. Remick and his service in the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, forerunner of the U.S. Coast Guard, from 1876-1895. Included are some earlier and later family materials, and historical Revenue Cutter Service materials. Also contains unpublished manuscripts of Martha Remick.
Dates: 1686-1945

Reynolds Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1145-sc
Abstract Personal and business papers of the Reynolds family of Addison, Maine, including Warren W. Reynolds, Frank W. Reynolds, and Charlotte Reynolds.
Dates: 1903-1948

Alfronzo S. Richards Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0965-sc
Abstract Two diaries by a resident of Bedford, New Hampshire.
Dates: January 1, 1874-December 31, 1875

S. W. Richards Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1022-sc
Abstract Diary of a Maine farmer. The diary is followed by cash accounts for the year 1892 and lists of bills payable and receivable.
Dates: 1892

Jason H. Ring Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0966-sc
Abstract A diary of a teacher in Cambridge, Maine.
Dates: January 1-December 24, 1873

Charley E. Roberts Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0977-sc
Abstract Diary of a resident of Maine, possibly in the town of Westbrook.
Dates: January 1, 1868-January 1, 1869

Rowell Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1223-sc
Abstract A collection of papers from the Rowell family of Dexter, Maine, containing items from Fred L. Rowell, his wife Annie Knowles Rowell, and their sons, Donald K. Rowell and Thomas B. Rowell. The material includes stock certificates, 1919-1937, for Fred, Annie and Donald Rowell, most of which concern shares in various mining operations; report cards from the Dexter schools for both Annie Knowles Rowell and Donald Rowell; and a diary from 1918 to 1922 for Thomas B. Rowell. The collection also...
Dates: 1879-1945

E. A. Russell Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0996-sc
Abstract Diary of a farmer in Leeds, Maine for the year 1927. Accounts for 1927 are listed at the end of the diary.
Dates: January 1-November 18, 1927