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United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal narratives

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 38 Collections and/or Records:

George W. Ayer Letter (December 28, 1862)

Identifier: SpC MS 0653-sc
Abstract Autograph letter signed. Letter is written "Camping in the woods near Patomac Creek Station, Va," during the Civil War. Mr. Ayer is less than pleased with the organization and leadership of the army and the war, in general.
Dates: December 28, 1862

George W. Ayer Letter (November 16, 1862)

Identifier: SpC MS 0652-sc
Abstract Autograph letter signed. Letter is written in Warrington, Va., during the Civil War. Mr. Ayer is eager to know of news from home. Discusses much information about the war becoming "political" and the "armey" becoming "democrat."
Dates: November 16, 1862

Parley A. Bailey Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 0028
Scope and Contents Collection contains letters written by Bailey to his wife Judith, Judith Bailey's letters to her husband and a few letters written by Bailey's daughter Mary to him while he was serving in the Civil War. Also contains one letter written by Mary to her uncle Montraville Bailey in 1865.
Dates: 1864-1865

Lyman M. Baker Civil War Memoir

Identifier: SpC MS 0693-sc
Abstract An account of war experiences by a soldier in the Civil War. The beginning of the account was handwritten by his daughter, while that of his capture and prison experiences was in his own handwriting.
Dates: 1914-1975

Peleg Bradford Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 0068
Abstract These papers consist of Peleg Bradford's letters to friends and family during his time as a soldier in the Civil War.
Dates: August 28, 1862-April 7, 1865

George Bragdon Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0873-sc
Abstract Diaries of a Civil War soldier. Included are the original diaries, a handwritten copy of one of the diaries, and photocopies of the diaries. Also included are genealogies of the Bragdon family by George F. Dow and Celia McCobb Bragdon written in 1972.
Dates: 1862-1972; Majority of material found within ( 1862-1863)

John Perez Burnham Collections

Identifier: SpC MS 0915-sc
Abstract A collection of material relating to the publisher Thomas Bird Mosher, a collection of material relating to the Elijah Lorenzo Green family, and a collection of material relating to the Best/Burnham families.
Dates: 1875-2000

Howard A. Camp Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 1553
Scope and Contents Letters written between Aug. 1862 and May 1865 by Howard A. Camp, a member of the 21st Connecticut Infantry Regiment, to his family and friends. Collection also includes Camp's diaries for 1862 and 1863 and background information on Camp and his regiment supplied by the donor.
Dates: 1862-1865

Cary Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0085
Scope and Contents A collection of letters and diaries of a family during the mid-19th century. Includes diaries and letters of two brothers who fought with the 5th Maine Infantry during the Civil War. The family members were farmers from Topsham.
Dates: 1856-1920

Danville Shaw Chadbourne Civil War Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 1543-sc
Abstract Copies of letters written by Chadbourne to his father Humphrey Chadbourne, his sister and brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Osman Warren, and his sister Harriet Warren of Macwahoc, Maine. Letters were written from Bangor, Maine; Newport News, Va.; Baton Rouge, La.; Donaldsonville, Port Hudson, etc., and describe his service in the 22nd Maine Regiment.
Dates: 1862-1863

Charles H. Chase Letters to George F. Searle

Identifier: SpC MS 0738-sc
Abstract Twelve letters by a schoolboy in Maine to his friend in New Hampshire. The letters are dated from 1860 to 1864 with two letters undated. There is some description of the effect of the war on Portland, Maine.
Dates: 1860-1864

Surgeon Albion Cobb Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0744-sc
Abstract Transcription of a diary of an assistant surgeon written during his service with the 4th Maine Volunteers during the Civil War. The dates of his diary are from 26 May 1863 to 14 June 1864. The diary was transcribed by Richard F. Potter of Woodstock, Connecticut in July 1996, and he also included information about other events and people during Albion Cobb's service. Included are photocopies of short biographies of Brigadier General John H. H. Ward and of Major General David Bell Birney.
Dates: 1996

Devereux Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0139
Abstract Papers of various members of the Devereux family of Penobscot, Maine, as well as materials from other residents of Penobscot and Castine, Maine.
Dates: 1831-1934

Doble Family Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0922-sc
Abstract The collection contains letters of Erastus Doble written between 1861 and 1864 while he was serving in the 8th Maine Regiment during the Civil War. The notebook belonging to Hosea Doble contains his accounts as a carpenter from 1870 to 1874. A Doble family register, documents about the death of Erastus Doble, and a miniature Webster dictionary inscribed to Norma White, May 1, 1910, are also contained in the collection.
Dates: 1854-1910

Charles M. Farnham Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1702-sc
Abstract Diaries maintained by Charles M. Farnham in 1863 and 1864. Also included is a diary, 1912, of Emma Farnham, Charles Farnham's wife, in which she describes the weather, her daily activities, etc.
Dates: 1863-1912

Benjamin Browne Foster Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0765-sc
Abstract The diaries of a student and Civil War soldier.
Dates: 1847-1974; Majority of material found within 1847-1853

William W. Freese Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 1129-sc
Abstract Letters written by Freese to Melissa A. Grant from May 10, 1862 through May 19, 1863, describing his daily life as a soldier during the Civil War.
Dates: 1860-1863

Mary Greenleaf Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1570-sc
Abstract Letters, 1863, to Mary Greenleaf from a soldier in the 130th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment named George S. Erving or Ewing. Also a letter, July 2, 1864, from Augustus Vaughan written from a camp near Petersburg. Vaughan served in the 17th Maine Infantry and describes his service in a military hospital. Also contains a school register, 1863-1864, from Lexington, Maine, listing names of pupils, their ages, attendance, etc.
Dates: 1863-1864

C. V. Haskell Letter

Identifier: SpC MS 1708-sc
Abstract Addressed to "My dear brother," the letter is both a humorous one teasing Haskell's brother about his involvement with girls in Belfast, Maine, and a description of Haskell's duties as a soldier.
Dates: January 1, 1864

Francis A. Ireland Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 0261
Abstract Letters written by Francis A. Ireland to his family between September 1862 and July 1863 while serving in the 22nd Maine Infantry Regiment, Company E.
Dates: 1862-1863

Knight Family Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 1571-sc
Abstract Correspondence, 1860-1865, among members of the Knight family of Biddeford, Maine. Includes letters to Albert E. Knight while he was a student at the Maine State Seminary (now Bates College) primarily from his brother Daniel Knight, writing from Fairfield, Wayne Co., Illinois. The letters are filled with family news and advice on how Albert should behave while at school and at home. Also contains letters to Samuel D. (Dow) Knight from his brothers Albert and Mendal while they were serving in...
Dates: 1860-1865

Letter (May 30, 1863)

Identifier: SpC MS 1716-sc
Abstract Addressed "Dear parents" and signed "Lewis," the letter describes camp life, Lewis' duties, interactions with other troops, and his opinions about the Vicksburg campaign.
Dates: May 30, 1863

Letter to Gordon Lear

Identifier: SpC MS 1574-sc
Abstract A letter written to Gordon Lear from an unidentified crew member of the ship "State of Maine," complaining of treatment of crew by officers, lack of food and ice, and sale of provisions instead of furnishing them to the crew. Lear was one of the owners of the ship.
Dates: circa 1864 May 27

William T. Livermore Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1394-sc
Scope and Contents A photocopy of a diary kept by William Livermore during his service with the 20th Maine Regiment. The diary begins on August 31, 1862 at Camp Mason in Portland, Maine, and ends in Portland on June 22, 1865. It provides an almost daily account of Livermore's service with his company.
Dates: 1862-1865

Ruth Swett Mayhew Civil War Scrapbook

Identifier: SpC MS 1597-sc
Abstract A scrapbook of clippings from an unidentified newspaper, probably the Courier-Gazette of Rockland, Maine, with excerpts from the journal, 1863-1865, of Ruth Swett Mayhew. Clippings outline her service as a nurse during the Civil War.
Dates: 1863-1891?

Robert McAllister Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 1540-sc
Abstract Letters written to Robert McAllister from Fred C. Low concerning the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment and its charge at Petersburg on June 18, 1864. In the letters Low expresses his gratitude to McAllister for his defense of the performance of the 1st Maine and its commander Daniel Chaplin in the disastrous battle fought that day. Drafts of letters from McAllister to Low are also included.
Dates: 1869-1888

Eliab W. Murdock Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1646
Abstract Letters written by Eliab Murdock to his wife Sarah Murdock while serving with Company F of the 17th Maine Infantry Regiment and the Veteran Reserve Corps during the Civil War. Also includes letters written by Sarah Murdock to her husband as well as a few written to Murdock by his daughter Pauline and his brother James; letters of recommendation and reference, 1841-1844, for Murdock; and his military discharge papers and military pension documents.
Dates: 1841-1877

George B. Noyes Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 1566-sc
Abstract Two letters written by Noyes in 1864 to "Friend Emery." The first, dated June 8, 1864, from surgeon's headquarters, Bermuda Hundred, Virginia, describes Noyes's work on a typical day as a hospital steward. The second, written on Oct. 19, 1864, from before Richmond, Va. , outlines Noyes's support for Abraham Lincoln and tells of his living situation.
Dates: 1864

Old Town, Maine Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0936-sc
Abstract A collection relating to Old Town and Milford, Maine.
Dates: 1847-1960

Paul Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0389
Abstract The collection contains personal papers of various members of the Paul family of Eliot, Maine, as well as a few documents from the Bartlett, Hammond, Leighton and Shapleigh families of Eliot. A folder of papers of Horace Remick is also included.
Dates: 1771-1917