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Maine -- Climate -- Observations

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

Edward P. Blanchard Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1141-sc
Abstract Daily diaries primarily recording observations about the weather. The volumes also contain newspaper clippings about the weather as well as obituaries and reports of events in Blanchard and nearby communities.
Dates: 1913-1936

Ernest C. Brown Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1655
Scope and Contents Diaries, 1905-1941, of Ernest C. Brown documenting his employment as a rural mail carrier in Robbinston, Maine. Daily entries provide details of the weather, the number of pieces of mail delivered, events in the family and the town, etc. A few entries in the diary for 1937 appear to have been made by Brown's son, Philip R. Brown.
Dates: 1905-1941

Diary (1910-1911)

Identifier: SpC MS 1477-sc
Abstract A daily diary for 1910-1911 of an unidentified person, probably a woman living in the Houlton, Maine, area. Entries outline the weather of the day, the woman's daily household chores, visits to neighbors and friends, and social activities such as attending plays, concerts, movies, etc.
Dates: 1910-1911

Diary (1948)

Identifier: SpC MS 1467-sc
Abstract A daily diary for 1948 of an unidentified person, probably a woman living in the Lewiston, Maine area. Entries indicate the weather of the day and outline the woman's daily chores including working with bees, gathering eggs, gardening, doing household chores, etc.
Dates: 1948

Frank P. Gillespie Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1472-sc
Abstract A daily diary recording activities of Frank P. Gillespie, possibly of Biddeford, Maine. Entries pertain to cutting and selling wood, selling sawdust, building roads, growing and harvesting potatoes, etc. Also included are observations about the weather and entries detailing visits with friends, most notably Rosa A. Dow. The diary also contains information about Gillespie's purchases and wages for the year.
Dates: 1879

Samuel Gray Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0847-sc
Abstract Diaries of a resident of Cornish, Maine, for the years 1865, 1874, 1885-1886, and 1888. Entries provide details of the weather each day and outline Gray's work and social activities. He often worked at plastering and building for himself and others as well as farming, chopping wood, etc. Later volumes often mention "sale work," perhaps sewing clothing or coats
Dates: 1865-1888

Mrs. John W. Greely Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1383-sc
Scope and Contents A diary kept in 1866 by Mrs. John W. Greely of East Corinth, Maine. In it she records the weather each day and outlines her daily activities and those of her husband, John W. Greely, who appears to have been a farmer.
Dates: 1866

Myra L. Larson Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1378-sc
Scope and Contents A diary of Myra L. Larson (Larsen) from Monson, Maine. The entries detail daily weather conditions, the writer's activities, and descriptions of people and events in town. Many entries make reference to the diarist's work in the library.
Dates: 1935-1939

Alfred P. Manson Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1086
Scope and Contents Diaries kept by Manson from the time he was 12 until his death, recording his daily activities, the weather, events in the town of Gardiner, etc.
Dates: 1892-1954

Simon Mitchell Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1374-sc
Scope and Contents A daily diary for 1896 of Simon Mitchell of Biddeford, Maine. The volume contains sporadic entries mostly commenting on the weather as well as Mitchell's daily activities.
Dates: 1896

Pocket Diary (1891)

Identifier: SpC MS 1373-sc
Scope and Contents A diary of an unidentified person written in 1891. The entries are mostly concerned with recording the weather each day. From a few of the entries it appears that the diarist was a farmer. The only locations mentioned in the entries are Portland and Yarmouth, Maine.
Dates: 1891

William J. Tobey Daily Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1268
Scope and Contents Diaries kept by William J. Tobey of Waterville, Maine, for the years 1882 to 1922 and 1929 to 1935. Tobey recorded daily events, the weather, principal occupations of the day, sales and purchases, cash received and paid out, and bills receivable and payable. From various entries it appears that Tobey may have been a farmer. One of the volumes was also used by Tobey's daughter, Mary E. Tobey, to record transactions for a general jobbing business that she started in Waterville in 1916. Later...
Dates: 1882-1935

Carroll Wentworth Daily Record

Identifier: SpC MS 1402-sc
Scope and Contents A volume used by Carroll Wentworth of Kezar Falls, Maine, to record his daily activities including weather observations, his farm chores and results from his egg business. An egg record for 1911 is included.
Dates: 1910-1911