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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Small vehicles consisting of a platform mounted on parallel runners for transporting goods or passengers over snow or ice and usually pulled by hand or operating by gravity; for similar, but usually more elaborate, vehicles used primarily for passengers and normally pulled by horses, use "sleighs" or, if pulled by dogs, use "dogsleds."

Found in 5 Collections and/or Records:

Adelbert "Del" Clewley, interviewed by Jack Beard and Joan Brooks

Abstract 1034 Adelbert “Del” Clewley, interviewed by Jack Beard and Joan Brooks, April 10, 1976, Eddington, Maine. Also present: Mrs. Clewley, his wife. Clewley talks about being from Eddington; using a pung as transport; going to school in Eddington Village; hunting for deer and the two deer maximum; how his family stored food through the winter; hauling ice from Eddington Pond; the first car in the area; the local mills; the baseball team; dances held around the area; skating and sledding; taxes;...
Dates: 1976

Ernest Quigley and Corinne Quigley, interviewed by Hugh T. French

Scope and Contents From the Collection:

This collection includes twenty-eight interviews with thirteen Eastport residents, plus manuscript material collected as part of French’s research. In addition to the general history of Eastport, major topics discussed include the sardine industry and community holiday celebrations.

Dates: 1979-1980

Gracie Strang, interviewed by Jack Beard and Joan Brooks

Abstract 1036 Gracie Strang, interviewed by Jack Beard and Joan Brooks, April 10, 1976, East Eddington, Maine. Strang talks about growing up in Eddington in the early 1900s; her father’s and then her work as an agent for the telephone company out of their house; being a teacher at the local school house; the owner of the first automobile in the area; self-sufficiency; holding dances in Eddington Grange hall; sledding or “sliding” for fun in the winter; ice skating; making her own clothes; celebrating...
Dates: 1976

Mrs. James (Estelle) Shea, interviewed by David Currier

Abstract 0552 Mrs. James Shea, interviewed by David Currier, March 14, 1970, Bangor, Maine. Shea talks about going to her father’s lumber camp in Oxbow, Maine, as a little girl; riding in a pung to the camp; the wangan; ghost stories told by men in the camp; buying and selling spruce gum; the cook and cookee in the camp; lumbercamp songs; meeting up with her father’s river drive; superstitions; strange phenomena; and the poem or song, “The Preacher and the Bear.” Text: 15 pp. transcript. Recording: T...
Dates: 1969-1990

Raymond F. Vigue Lumber Transport Notebooks

Identifier: SpC MS 0604

This collection includes photocopied notebooks of the various aspects of Mr. Vigue's jobs. Mr. Vigue has recorded every aspect in minute detail. The notebooks mostly concern transport in logging operations. Some marksmanship records are also in the collection.

Dates: 1927-1997