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Maine Ethnographic/Barry H. Rodrigue Collection

Identifier: MF176
Scope and Contents

This collection contains items deposited by Barry H. Rodrigue that aren’t specifically part of his other collections.

Dates: 1989-1993

Academic Affairs. Dean, College Of Liberal Arts And Sciences. Maine Folklife Center (University Of Maine) Records

 Record Group
Identifier: UA RG 0006-003-022
Scope and Contents The records mainly contains textual information created by the University of Maine's Maine Folklife Center, but there are also photographic material, audio recording on vinyl records, CDs, and cassettes, and also computer disks containing programming material. The record series Administrative Records contains copies of various departmental reports and policies, fund raising information, Board of Advisors meeting material, and publicity material. Also, includes information...
Dates: 1820-2016; Majority of material found within 1957-2012

Maine Folklife Survey

Identifier: MF035
Scope and Contents The survey was developed to identify and document folklife resources within the state. Material culture collections were identified, and traditional festivals and community events were recorded using audio and video equipment. Almost a hundred interviews were conducted with informants during the course of the project. The interviews have been accessioned in summary form instead of with full transcriptions, and they are open to the public. Through a series of questionnaires and interviews,...
Dates: 1979-1981

Maine Guides Project/Nathan Lowrey

Identifier: MF193
Scope and Contents

Collection deals with heritage, customs and oral traditions of the Northern Maine Guide.

Dates: 1984-1985

Maine Leaders Oral History Project

Identifier: MF036
Scope and Contents

Interviews with Senator Margaret Chase Smith (1990), James Russell Wiggins (1988)(Editor of the Ellsworth American).

Dates: 1989

Maine Nursing Anniversary Collection

Identifier: MF207
Scope and Contents

A series of oral histories with nurses in Maine.

Dates: 2013-2014

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)

Identifier: MF121
Scope and Contents

This collection contains interviews with people associated with the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Themes include the process of beginning to farm organically, the early development of MOFGA and its growth; the Common Ground Fair and its expansion; marketing organic food; farming strategies; raising livestock; and MOFGA’s interactions with conventional farmers and the wider community.

Dates: 2000-2004

Maine Pack Basket Makers Collection

Identifier: MF164
Scope and Contents Maine Pack-Basket Makers Tradition consists of eight transcribed interviews conducted by Bill Mackowski in 2010 with basket makers in several communities involving Maine basket making techniques. Themes include: how many years they produced baskets, how they first received information on making a basket, as well as collecting raw materials, the kinds of baskets they made and the tools they used to make them. The collection includes description of the process of picking a good tree by the...
Dates: 2010-2012

Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Identifier: MF024
Scope and Contents

Collection of various recordings by MPBN.

Dates: 1971-2000

Maine Women During the Depression and World War II

Identifier: MF040
Scope and Contents This collection began with the research done by Rita Breton as part of her graduate work in history at the University of Maine. Breton conducted approximately twenty interviews with Maine women about their lives and work during the Great Depression and WWII. In addition, in the fall of 1982, students in Edward D. "Sandy" Ives’ class AY 125 were asked to locate and interview people on the topic of women's lives during the Depression and World War II. The semester project yielded forty-five...
Dates: 1981-1990

Maine/Maritimes Folklore Collection/CP 180

Identifier: MF076
Scope and Contents This collection consists of student papers. The early items are largely miscellaneous gatherings of individual items: jokes, tall tales, ghost stories, traditional medicine, popular beliefs and superstitions, legends, local character yarns, etc. and only occasionally include tape recordings. Later accessions reflect the trend in the field of folklore to emphasize context over items gathered for their own sake. Thus they are more apt to consist of life histories with an emphasis on life...
Dates: 1957-1975

Margaret “Mimi” Killinger / Helen Nearing Collection

Identifier: MF148
Scope and Contents

Interviews by Margaret “Mimi” Killinger about Helen and Scott Nearing whose lives as homesteaders in Vermont and Maine came to embody the simple living philosophy of Agrarianism that became the core of America's "Back to the Land" Movement of the 1960s, 1970s, and 2020s.

Dates: 1999-2001; 2001

Marshall Dodge Collection

Identifier: MF089
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of an interview with Rob Golding and Earl Bonness who give humorous stories and anecdotes of Downeast (Maine) about local people and events.

Dates: 1965

Martin Family Collection of French Songs

Identifier: MF090
Scope and Contents

A collection of French songs.

Dates: 1983

Mary Ellen Barnes Collection

Identifier: MF146
Scope and Contents

A series of eleven interviews conducted by Mary Ellen Barnes in 1995 and 1996, mostly about the Chatham and Conway areas of New Hampshire.

Dates: 1996-1997

"Me and Fannie" interviews

Identifier: MF041
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a series of interviews with Ralph Thornton who discusses the local history of Topsfield, woods work and river work, songs, and stories.

Dates: 1972-1973

Miramichi Folksong Festival Collection

Identifier: MF102
Scope and Contents

This collection includes a series of interviews relating to the Miramichi Folksong Festival and recordings of various years of the festival.

Dates: 1950s-1980s

Molly Spotted Elk Collection

Identifier: MF079
Scope and Contents Molly Spotted Elk (b. 1903) was the stage name of Mary Alice "Molliedellis" Nelson, a Penobscot Indian woman from Maine who entered the world of vaudeville and entertainment at a young age. In the late 1920s she starred in a motion picture, “The Silent Enemy” filmed in northern Canada. She became a dancer on the Paris stage and married a French journalist, but was forced to flee the country during the German occupation in World War II. This collection consists of three accessions. NA 1116,...
Dates: 1977; 1999

Morgiana Halley Projects

Identifier: MF021
Scope and Contents

Two series by Morgiana P. Halley, one dealing with marine disasters in Newfoundland folk balladry and the other with marine convoys of World War II.

Dates: 1989-1990

Musical Instrument Making

Identifier: MF158
Scope and Contents

Interviewees talk about violin, guitar, drum, harp, and cello making, as well as playing instruments and music shops.

Dates: 2003

Myron Corbett Papers

Identifier: MF093
Scope and Contents

Myron Corbett’s mostly unpublished magazine article efforts, including “Once Upon an Island” and a manuscript entitled “Sunset In the East” describing and chronically the history of the waning days of sail, the island lighthouses and those families and individuals who were involved.

Dates: 1988

NAACP & Civil Rights in Maine Project/Charles Lumpkins

Identifier: MF175
Scope and Contents

Interviews by Charlies Lumpkins about NAACP and Civil Rights in Maine.

Dates: 1990-1991

Nash Island Light Project Collection

Identifier: MF080
Scope and Contents A series of two interviews with Jenny Cirone, age 86, done on behalf of a group wishing to restore the Nash Island Lighthouse, by Anu Dudley in October, 1998. The interviews primarily focused on Jenny Cirone’s reminiscences of growing up on Nash Island, Maine, where her father was the lighthouse keeper. Topics include: raising and shearing sheep; fishing; lobstering; clamming; gardening; schooling; tending the Nash Island lighthouse; tourists; ice skating; hurricanes; games; boats; clothing;...
Dates: 1998

National Folk Festival

Identifier: MF135
Scope and Contents

Interviews from the three years (2002-2004) that the festival on the Bangor Waterfront was part of the National Folk Festival. Wordwork, knitting, and wool were some of the topics discussed in these interviews.

Dates: 2002-2004

Native American Folklore

Identifier: MF141
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of research papers written for ANT 490 and ANT 426 Native American Folklore, both of these courses are taught by Pauleena MacDougall at the University of Maine in Orono during the fall of 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2010. Topics covered in the papers included: Wabanaki spirit guides, basket making, creation myths involving Gluskap, Passamaquoddy stories for children, Wabanaki medicinal plants and traditional healers, and Passamaquoddy Wampum Records.

Dates: 2000-2010

Norma Mountain Old Song Scrapbooks

Identifier: MF092
Scope and Contents

Two scrapbooks of songs from “The Family Herald” and other sources and scribbler of songs from memory.

Dates: 1940s

Norman Soucie Photograph Collection

Identifier: MF108
Scope and Contents

Collection of photographs depicting woods work and woods life in the region of Allagash and Saint John, Maine, between 1900 and 1930.

Dates: 1974

North Pond Hermit Songs

Identifier: MF199
Scope and Contents

Interviews of folk songwriters on their songs on Christopher Thomas Knight, the North Pond Hermit, by folklore student Hilary Warner-Evans.

Dates: October 2013

Northeast Harbor Library Oral History Collection

Identifier: MF043
Scope and Contents

A series of interviews about life in Northeast Harbor and the surrounding areas.

Dates: 1972-1984

Northeast Town History Papers Collection

Identifier: MF062
Scope and Contents

A collection of 100 student papers done as coursework for anthropology classes at the University of Maine at Orono between ca. 1976-1978. Each paper treats a specific town or community and deals with the history and lore concerning that place. Most towns are in Maine but a few are in New Hampshire and Newfoundland. Some papers contain maps, photos, and other supplementary items.

Dates: 1976-1978