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Alfronzo S. Richards Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0965-sc

Two diaries by a resident of Bedford, New Hampshire.

Dates: January 1, 1874-December 31, 1875

S. W. Richards Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1022-sc

Diary of a Maine farmer. The diary is followed by cash accounts for the year 1892 and lists of bills payable and receivable.

Dates: 1892

Jason H. Ring Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0966-sc

A diary of a teacher in Cambridge, Maine.

Dates: January 1-December 24, 1873

Charley E. Roberts Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0977-sc

Diary of a resident of Maine, possibly in the town of Westbrook.

Dates: January 1, 1868-January 1, 1869

Rowell Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1223-sc
Abstract A collection of papers from the Rowell family of Dexter, Maine, containing items from Fred L. Rowell, his wife Annie Knowles Rowell, and their sons, Donald K. Rowell and Thomas B. Rowell. The material includes stock certificates, 1919-1937, for Fred, Annie and Donald Rowell, most of which concern shares in various mining operations; report cards from the Dexter schools for both Annie Knowles Rowell and Donald Rowell; and a diary from 1918 to 1922 for Thomas B. Rowell. The collection also...
Dates: 1879-1945

E. A. Russell Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0996-sc

Diary of a farmer in Leeds, Maine for the year 1927. Accounts for 1927 are listed at the end of the diary.

Dates: January 1-November 18, 1927

John Philipp Schott Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0454
Scope and Contents

The papers consist primarily of John Phillip Schott's military papers and correspondence concerning his military pension. Also included are a diary and photograph album.

Dates: 1898-1944

Eliab W. Shaw Diaries and Military Record

Identifier: SpC MS 0825-sc

Two diaries of a Civil War soldier. The diaries cover the period October 1, 1861 to May 23, 1863. Included also is a photocopy of the file on Private Shaw at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Dates: October 1, 1861-May 23, 1863

G. J. Shaw Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0961-sc

A diary of a resident of Searsport, Maine in 1900.

Dates: January 1-November 27, 1900

Wendell Shaw Collection on Walter Arnold

Identifier: SpC MS 1776
Scope and Contents This collection includes many letters written between Wendell Shaw and Walter Arnold (SpC MS 0023). Also included are a few newspaper clippings from the 1850s through the 1960s. There are some articles included written about Walter Arnold ranging from 1976 through 1981. Trapping and hunting books, military history pamphlets and animal magazines that belonged to Wendell Shaw and Walter Arnold are in the collection. Some of Walter Arnold's belongings including one of his books "Arnold's...
Dates: 1800-1981

Ellen Wight Shields Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0464

The collection contains Shields' diaries from 1955-1972, a small amount of personal correspondence and personal financial information. It also includes many poems and songs written by Ellen Shields.

Dates: 1950-1972

Elena B. Shute Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0988-sc

A five-year diary of a young girl in Belfast, Maine who later became an actress. The diary provides insights into early twentieth century childhood life in rural Maine.

Dates: 1920-1924

Asenath Delia Smith Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1032-sc

Two diaries covering the years 1905 to 1909 of a farmer's wife living in Jonesboro, Maine.

Dates: September 15, 1905-November 17, 1909

Collins P. Smith Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0919-sc

A diary for the year 1904 by a railroad worker in Maine.

Dates: 1904

Sallie F. Smith Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0724-sc

Diaries for 1923-1924, 1925-1926, 1928.

Dates: 1923-1928

Benjamin G. Snow Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0933-sc

Diary of a missionary in Micronesia during 1868 and 1869. Included are many references to vessels which stopped at the islands.

Dates: March 5, 1868-March 4, 1869

Alfred Spinney Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0759-sc

The papers of a bridge builder in Eliot, Maine. Included are 15 diaries from 1883-1892, 1894, and 1898-1901; 2 weekly time books covering 1895-1897; receipts; lists of goods purchased; lists of materials for bridge construction; and notices of sale of lands for unpaid taxes in Eliot in 1920 and 1921.

Dates: 1883-1921

David Stewart Diaries and Temperance Society Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0757-sc

The diaries of a farmer and Baptist minister from 1880 to 1884. Included in one of the diaries are records of the United Sisters Union of the Daughters of Temperance in Corinna, Maine. The records list the name of members, date of initiation into the union, and the payment of weekly dues for the years 1848 to 1850.

Dates: 1848-1884

George R. Stewart Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1817-sc
Scope and Contents

Diary, 1929, of George R. Stewart, a worker in Lubec, Maine.

Dates: 1929

Students/Alumni Records (University of Maine). Weeks (James Walter) Diary

Identifier: UA RG 0010-023
Scope and Contents

Diary of Maine State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts student and Camden, Maine native James Walter Weeks (Class of 1877). The diary describes Weeks' time as a mechanical engineering student at the college and following his graduation in 1877 work as a military instructor in Camden, Maine.

Inserted inside the front cover of the diary is a letter from President Arthur A. Hauck thanking Mrs. H.W. Devereux for the donation of the diary.

Dates: 1875-1879

William R. Swan Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0826-sc

Two diaries covering the years 1871 and 1872. The diaries record the daily weather and daily life on a farm in Bethel, Maine.

Dates: 1871-1872

Sweetser Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0486

The papers consist of letters, diaries, photographs, and memo books of the Sweetser family from Cumberland Center, Maine.

Dates: 1895-1910

Samuel Hobart Sweetser Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1823-sc
Content Description

Diary of Samuel Hobart Sweetser a farmer and trial justice from North Yarmouth, dating from 1883-1886. He is a dedicated diarist and notes names, dates, and events whle also recording the weather conditions. Many entries refer to his work as an orchardist with an apple orchard as well as noting tasks associated with his work as a trial justice.

Dates: 1883-1886

Ernest M. Sylvester Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1257-sc

A daily diary begun when Sylvester was ten years old. The volume records his daily activities, the weather each day, and his school and work life.

Dates: 1883-1910

Paul E. Taylor Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0489
Abstract The collection consists of printed documents and manuscript material collected by Paul E. Taylor; it reflects his wide-ranging interests. The collection is arranged in two series. Series I, Printed Material, includes books, pamphlets, catalogs, advertisements, etc.; Series II, Manuscript Material, contains original documents including diaries, letters, logbooks of vessels, scrapbooks, family papers, etc. The published items are mostly concerned with the history of Maine, New England and New...
Dates: 1750-1953

Rebecca H. Taylor Weather Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1288-sc

A diary kept by Taylor in which she recorded the weather as well as adding comments on family matters and current events. Although Taylor's place of residence is not definitively indicated in the diary, she may have lived in Vermont.

Dates: 1893-1899

Mary W. Tebbetts Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1480-sc

A diary of a woman living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Entries outline the writer's daily activities, social events, visitors, the weather, family illnesses, financial problems, etc. Entries for 1918 include information about Tebbetts' work for the war effort, including sewing and taking in soldiers for meals.

Dates: 1914-1918

Henry Goddard Thomas Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0876-sc
Abstract The collection includes the journals of a college student. The diaries cover the years 1855 to 1860 and record his life and impressions just before he entered the military service. They provide insight into the character of both Thomas and his home city, Portland, Maine. Included also are typed transcripts of the journals and a biographical sketch by Eric S. Flower, August 22, 1974. Included also is a certificate of admission to Bowdoin College as a probationary student signed by Leonardus...
Dates: 1855-1974; Majority of material found within ( 1855-1865)

Charles Thomson Diary and Notebook

Identifier: SpC MS 0877-sc

Diary and notebook of Charles Thomson of Aberdeen, Scotland. Includes deaths, storms, planting and harvesting, events in "Mansell's Quarry", various world and British events, and scriptural commentary. Also mentioned are Joseph Thomson and Hope Thomson. Included also is a photocopy of the diary and notebook.

Dates: 1847-1854

William J. Tobey Daily Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1268
Scope and Contents Diaries kept by William J. Tobey of Waterville, Maine, for the years 1882 to 1922 and 1929 to 1935. Tobey recorded daily events, the weather, principal occupations of the day, sales and purchases, cash received and paid out, and bills receivable and payable. From various entries it appears that Tobey may have been a farmer. One of the volumes was also used by Tobey's daughter, Mary E. Tobey, to record transactions for a general jobbing business that she started in Waterville in 1916. Later...
Dates: 1882-1935