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Account books

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Books in which financial accounts are kept.

Found in 162 Collections and/or Records:

Edmund Abbott Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0685-sc
Overview The papers of a student from Winterport, Maine, studying to become a physician at Maine State College in Orono and the University Medical College of New York.

Account Book (1829-1855)

Identifier: SpC MS 1468-sc
Overview An account book of an unidentified person, probably from Westbrook, Maine. The volume details purchases made and work done for and by various individuals. The transactions involve metals such as tin plate, clocks, hardware and general labor. The volume also includes entries outlining money borrowed and loaned.

Account Book (1844-1852)

Identifier: SpC MS 0973-sc
Overview An account book from a general store in Lovell, Maine.

Account Book (1851-1853)

Identifier: SpC MS 0880-sc
Overview An account book of a store in Tremont, Maine. Includes loose page listing letters remaining in Seal Cove Post Office, Dec. 29, 1852.

Account Book (1879-1882)

Identifier: SpC MS 1241-sc
Overview Account book used to record cash received and cash expenditures between 1879 and 1882 for an unidentified businessman, possibly from Bucksport, Maine. The volume records a mixture of personal and business expenses with entries for buying fruit, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, items of clothing, etc. Entries also detail travel expenses to communities in Washington County, Maine as well as to Bangor, Maine, and Boston. Some entries seem to be for expenses connected with mining.

Account Book (1882-1884)

Identifier: SpC MS 0926-sc
Overview An account book of an unidentified lumber company possibly in the Portland, Maine area.

Account Book (1898)

Identifier: SpC MS 0024
Scope and Contents Appears to be a listing of subscription accounts for people in different towns in Maine. The first entries are for people in Ashland, Maine.

Account Book with Clippings (circa 1878)

Identifier: SpC MS 0005
Scope and Contents Account book with clippings relating to Gen. Joshua L. Chamberlain pasted over first pages. Includes autograph and photographic portrait.

Account Book with Recipes (undated)

Identifier: SpC MS 0823-sc
Overview An account book containing handwritten recipes and newspaper clippings glued to the pages. The collector is unidentified.

Account Books (1907-1930)

Identifier: SpC MS 1011-sc
Overview Two account books covering the years 1907-1917 and 1918-Jan. 1930. Also included are records of road labor during the winter months from 1907-1917 and 1918-1927.

Rufus Ames Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0018
Scope and Contents Accounts from a general store. First page: "John Brown credit 6 fish.." 1899. Some of the accounts are for the schooner Uranus.

Jonathan Andrews Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1692-sc
Overview Account book for blacksmith Jonathan Andrews of Scarborough, Maine.

Isaac Austin Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1196-sc
Overview A volume used by Isaac Austin to record information about his work, mostly as a farm laborer, and the use of his horses and oxen. Entries in the volume are headed Windsor, Hartland, Bridgewater, and Lowell, Maine. The book was also used from 1874 to 1878 by N.I. Austin to record his time working on roads, shoveling, hauling shingles, threshing, etc.

H. W. Averill Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1016-sc
Overview An account book from 1895 to 1898 listing workers on the dams on the East Branch of the Penobscot River. Included also in the account book are descriptions of the work needed on the Grand Lake Dam, Webster Dam, and Telos Dam in 1895, 1897 and 1898.

Eli G. Banker Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0995-sc
Overview An account book of a resident of Berwick, Maine.

John S. Bean Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1169-sc
Overview A volume used by John S. Bean of Farmington, Maine, to record his work history, including the days he worked and the wages he earned. The volume was also used by Bernice S. Bean, a member of the Farmington High School class of 1907, as a daily diary in January and February of an unidentified year. Carroll E. Whitney, Fairbanks, Maine, is also written inside the front cover of the volume. Carroll Whitney and the Whitney family are mentioned frequently in Bernice Bean's diary.

Paul W. Bean Civil War Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0046
Overview Contains Civil War correspondence of Frank L. Lemont (Company E, 5th Maine Regiment); letters of Charles Warner (145th New York Volunteers); diaries of John B. Bailey, Ezekiel Ellis, Edwin M. Truell and George Washington Verrill. Also contains record books.

Edward Bourne Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1034-sc
Overview An account book belonging to Edward Bourne of Readfield, Maine. Some of the records are for Jedediah Bourne who may have been Edward's brother.

Ernest H. Boynton Diaries and Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0997-sc
Overview Diaries and papers of a railroad employee living in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.The 29 diaries cover the years 1883, 1885-1891, 1895-1906, 1909-1915, 1917, and 1927. Also included in the papers are bank account books from Merchants National Bank of Boston (1914 Nov. 20-1918 June 19); Forest City Trust Company, Portland, Maine (1922 Nov. 17-1923 May 28); First National Bank, Portland, Maine (1923 July 6-1926 July 12); and Melrose Trust Company, Melrose, Massachusetts (1927 March...

Neil Brackley Diary and History

Identifier: SpC MS 0869-sc
Overview The volume contains basic information about the early settlers in Elliottsville Plantation, Piscataquis County, Maine; a section with accounts of the Brackley farm from January to April 1902; and a diary kept between September 22, 1930 and December 31, 1931. The volume is in at least two different handwritings.

Simon Bradley Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1182-sc
Overview A volume used as an account book and diary by Simon Bradley, who appears to have been a farmer in Parsonsfield, Maine. The volume also contains copies of some of Bradley's correspondence both to family members and to business associates.

Jonathan Brown Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1148-sc
Overview Ledger recording goods sold and work done for various individuals as well as for the town of Freeman, Maine. Goods sold include shoes, handkerchiefs, woolen cloth, etc., as well as hay, rye and other agricultural products. Work done for the town and others includes haying, hauling with a team, appraising land, laying a road, etc. The back of the volume also has a few entries from 1874-1880 for work done by other members of the Brown family.

Bushelling Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1072-sc
Overview Daybook, or bushelling book, of an unidentified tailor or seamstress. Entries are for mending, pressing or altering garments and give names of customers and amounts charged. Also includes a cash book, 1909-1913, and an inventory book, 1905-1909, listing types and amounts of fabrics on hand and their cost.

Joseph Butler and James Otis Bradbury Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1060-sc
Overview An account book used by 2 unrelated residents in Maine. Joseph Butler recorded his accounts with Irving A. Butler, John N. Butler, Jethrow Hurd, Wm. Goodwin, and Moses Goodwin from January to November of 1859. James Otis Bradbury used the account book to record his cash accounts from March 1879 to January 1883.

C. E. Foster & Co. Car Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1190-sc
Overview The volume is arranged by customer name and primarily lists shipments of bark. It also contains financial and other information about the company, including equipment and supplies purchased for and used at various logging camps, lists of the company's wild lands, and statements of debts and credits. Much of the land was in Weld and Woodstock, Maine.

Campbell Book Store Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0082
Overview A collection of the business records of a retail book store owned and operated by Charles E. Campbell in Portland, Maine. Includes ledgers, account books, inventories, and auditors' reports.

Carding Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1640-sc
Overview A document from an unidentified compiler recording carding done, numbers of rolls, and money owed and paid to various individuals. The volume covers July and August, 1843 and includes a list of names of those included in the document.

D. K. Chase Daybook

Identifier: SpC MS 1082-sc
Overview Account book from Calais, Maine, possibly of Daniel Kimball Chase. Book has entries for business transactions and for items purchased, 1849-1862. A second volume continues the entries through 1864; the second volume also has unidentified entries for financial notes held and other financial information, 1878-1909.

John D. Coburn Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0695-sc
Overview A record of accounts. It would appear that the first part of the ledger is a practice ledger which includes definitions and notes about how to keep a book of accounts. The last part of the ledger beginning on p. 39 includes personal expenses of John D. Coburn.

Colwell Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1727
Scope and Contents

Family papers, calendars, correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, literary notes, photographs, and clippings of Maine author Miriam Colwell and her partner, the artist Chenoweth Hall. Cole family papers include business records of the Deasy and Handy Country Store, several Cole family businesses, journals, correspondence, photographs, and genealogical information for the community of Prospect Harbor.

Guy S. Cooley Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0954-sc
Overview An account book of a blacksmith in Solon, Maine in the early 1920s.

Crescent Lake Canning Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1041-sc
Overview Records of a corn canning company in Webb's Mills (part of the town of Casco, Maine) on Crescent Lake during the early 20th century.

Croswell Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0782
Overview Business records of the Croswell family, long-time owners of a general store in Farmington, Maine.

Ann W. Curtis Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0952-sc
Overview An account book of a resident of Kennebunk, Maine.

Deasy Handy General Store and Post Office Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0131
Overview The records of a general store, its owners and a post office in Prospect Harbor, Maine. Includes correspondence, account books, receipts, catalogues, invoices and vouchers. The records of the post office include registered package and letter records, stamps, parcel records, money orders, Postmaster's correspondence and postal guides. The bulk of the records date from 1870-1890. Some of the letters reflect Daniel Deasy's and J. W. Handy's former professions as sea captains.

Dennysville, Maine Sawmill Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0274-sc
Overview Three ledgers containing the records of a sawmill in Dennysville, Maine, during the middle of the 19th century. Two of the ledgers are organized by log brands and cover the years 1835 to 1878. The third ledger seems to record the receipt of logs from a log drive. Included are records of who sawed and hauled the logs, by whom they were surveyed and rafted, by whom shipped, destination, and purchaser. Names mentioned frequently are John Kilby, Theosophilus Kilby, Benjamin Foster, John Mayhew, and...

Devereux Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0139
Overview Papers of various members of the Devereux family of Penobscot, Maine, as well as materials from other residents of Penobscot and Castine, Maine.

Dodge & Kennedy Account Book and Invoices

Identifier: SpC MS 0925-sc
Overview An account book and 3 invoices from Dodge & Kennedy, dealers in groceries and provisions in Portland, Maine. The account is in the name of Mr. Paine and lists his purchases.

George B. Dunn Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0151
Scope and Contents The papers of a lumberman and farmer in Houlton, Maine. Included are account books, financial records, correspondence, deeds, leases, ledgers, receipts, Dunn family papers, stumpage records, tax information, and time books.

Eastern Maine General Hospital School of Nursing Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0167
Scope and Contents This collection reflects the history of the School of Nursing at Eastern Maine General Hospital/Eastern Maine Medical Center from its beginning. Included are photographs, yearbooks, scrapbooks, correspondence, artifacts, etc. concerning the School of Nursing and its alumni. Rules, curricula, administrative papers, and student progress reports are also included.

Albert S. Eells Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0161
Overview The collection contains records from Albert Eells's grocery business in Camden, Maine and his shipyard in Rockport, Maine.

Farm Account Book (1913-1916)

Identifier: SpC MS 1033-sc
Overview A farm account book from August 1913 to 1916. It is unknown who kept the account book.

Farm Account Book (1918-1919)

Identifier: SpC MS 0959-sc
Overview A farm account book from 1918 to 1919. It is unknown who kept the account book and there are no towns mentioned so it is unknown where the farm was located.

Farmer's Diary and Account Book (1906-1921)

Identifier: SpC MS 0716-sc
Overview A ledger containing a farmer's diary and list of accounts, possibly from Phillips, Maine.

Samuel Farnsworth Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0718-sc
Overview Papers of a sea captain.

William Fish Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1149-sc
Overview Listings by date of accounts with various individuals and materials purchased or work done. Goods include bushels of barley or rye, pork, rum, coffee, etc. Work includes plowing, use of horses, mowing, etc.

Ervin J. French Diary and Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0945-sc
Overview A diary and account book of a farmer in South Chesterville, Maine and later in Livermore Falls.

Ichabod Gifford Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0970-sc
Overview An account book of a farmer in Vassalboro, Maine.

Fred Alliston Gilbert Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0202
Overview Papers relating to the logging industry in Maine and the Great Northern Paper Company.

Thomas M. Giveen Account Book and Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0990-sc
Overview An account book and loose letters and notes kept by a lawyer practicing in Brunswick, Maine in the late 19th century.

Edward S. Goodwin Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1244-sc
Overview A volume used by Edward S. Goodwin of South Berwick, Maine, to record days of work done by various individuals as well as records of various goods purchased. Typical work included cutting and hauling wood, use of oxen, breaking roads, etc. Goods included hay, potatoes, corn, etc. Information on the estate of Thomas Goodwin from 1858 is also included.

Edward Gould Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0747-sc
Overview The papers of a banker in Portland, Maine. Included are 6 account books listing family expenses covering the period 1827 to 1892. Included also are a record of meetings of the committee to make arrangements for the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Mission and a few papers of Congregational Churches in Portland. Included also are family and business correspondence.

Nathan Gove Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1195-sc
Overview A volume used by Nathan Gove of Edgecomb, Maine, to record his business and postal transactions from 1846 to 1891. Part of the volume records his activities as postmaster in 1851 and 1852 and includes names of postal customers, numbers of letters sent, and the cost of each. The rest of the volume records Gove's varied business transactions. The exact nature of his business is not clear but the book notes dealings in lumber and the costs for labor such as hauling stone, moving timber, etc. It...

William Gowen Milk Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1286-sc
Overview A volume used by William Gowen, a resident of Westbrook, Maine, to record names of customers in his milk business and the number of gallons of milk purchased on a daily basis.

Seth E. Gray Account Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1079-sc
Overview Account book of Seth E. Gray and Gray Bros. and Dresser, possibly from Machias, Me. Includes listings of goods sold and work done on an unidentified farm, probably a blueberry farm. Accompanied by another account book from Machias, 1883-1884, listing prices of groceries and dry-goods. Names mentioned in this volume include C.W. Vose, S.W. Pope & Co., S.S. Hall, and J.O. Pope & Co.

Halls Mills Lumber Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1726
Overview Business records of a sawmill located near Whiting, Maine, along with information about the history of the mill, area homesteads, and the logging industry in Washington County, Maine

Carrie M. Healey Diary and Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0944-sc
Overview A diary and account book of a farmer's wife in East Winthrop, Maine during 1912 to 1914. accounts.

Highway Surveyor's Book : Belfast, Maine

Identifier: SpC MS 1075-sc
Overview Account book containing records of taxes assessed and paid for labor and materials on highways in Belfast, Me. to Warren H. Paul, one of the surveyors of highways in Belfast. Includes a list of residents deficient in paying their tax.

Hill Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0245
Overview The collection contains personal papers and business records of members of the Hill family, early residents of Kittery and Berwick, Maine.

J. P. Hooper Financial Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0968-sc
Overview Financial records of a tailor in Bucksport, Maine. Included are an account book from 1847 to 1871 and two daybooks from 1864 Jan. to 1867 Nov. 27 and 1869 Dec. 1 to 1879 Oct. 9 with invoices from 1886.

William Hopkinson Labor Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1162-sc
Overview Account book kept by William Hopkinson of Gardiner, Maine, 1812-1835, recording farm work and other day labor.

Horse Trainer's Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0943-sc
Overview Four diaries by a horse trainer/breeder/stable owner. The name of the horse trainer and the location of his stable are unknown.

John Hume Account Books

Identifier: SpC MS 1191-sc
Overview Account books of John Hume of Robbinston, Maine, used to record financial transactions of his business, probably a general store, as well as his services to the town of Robbinston. Goods sold include beef, pork, potatoes, hay, books, writing paper, etc. Hume also recorded work he did for others including haying, pasturing cows, washing and shearing sheep and threshing. His duties for the town of Robbinston included service as selectman and overseer of the poor, as well as use of his horse and...

Independent Order of Good Templars, Georges Valley Lodge No. 160 Record of Dues

Identifier: SpC MS 1274-sc
Overview Record of initiation fees and dues paid by members of the Georges Valley Lodge No. 160 of the Independent Order of Good Templars located in North Appleton, a locality in Appleton, Maine.

Charles Rogers Ireland Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0260
Overview Collection contains personal papers and business records of Charles R. Ireland as well as a few papers of other members of the Ireland family. The majority of the collection contains business ledgers and invoices to Wm. B. Ireland & Son and C.R. Ireland for goods purchased for their dry goods and grocery business in Stetson. Records (1874-1887) of the Stetson Post Office are also found in the collection

J. F. & A. H. Chase Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1014-sc
Overview Business records of a manufacturer of lumber and cooperage in East Limington, Maine. Included are 4 account books and approximately 40 bills and letters.

J. G. Deering & Son Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1706
Overview Includes journals, ledgers, time and payroll books, and scrapbooks. Also included is a copy of Hiatt's expert lumber pricer published in 1925.

Philip C. Jones Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0980-sc
Overview An account book of a physician in Springfield, Maine.

Phillip C. Jones Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1080-sc
Overview Account book of a physician in Springfield, Maine. Lists charges for patient visits and treatment as well as for general payments and expenditures. Includes a small number of transactions for the Springfield Normal School; Dr. Jones served on the board of directors of the school.

Journal (1812-1830)

Identifier: SpC MS 1147-sc
Overview A volume from an unidentified business, probably a general store, in Surry, Maine. The first part of the volume was used as a daybook to record purchases from the store, 1812-1817. Entries for 1816-1817 are headed Ellsworth (Maine). Merchandise purchased includes gingham, rum, twine, corn, etc. The rest of the volume was used to record transactions from an unidentified logging or lumber business and dates from 1824-1830. Information includes lumber sawed and shipped from Reeds mill and "the...

Samuel E. Judkins Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1198-sc
Overview An account book used by Judkins to record his business transactions, including sales of his agricultural products as well as work he did for the town of Belgrade and various individuals. Such work included breaking roads, administering estates, assessing property, selling hay and hauling wood. Miscellaneous receipts for Samuel and Belle Judkins as well as a school exercise book from an unidentified person accompany the account book.