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Harrison, Maine Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0864-sc
Overview Collection of legal documents from the town of Harrison, Maine. Included are lists of personal belongings and agreements between town officials and townspeople for the care of the poor (1843-1851). Also included are 73 cancelled checks written by selectmen for services to the town of Harrison (1861-1862)

Vincent A. Hartgen Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1457
Overview The collection contains the personal papers of Vincent A. Hartgen, including correspondence and subject files about exhibits, art shows, galleries, etc. It also includes photographs of Hartgen, his art shows and other exhibits, and his paintings and drawings.

Marsden Hartley Letter

Identifier: SpC MS 1460-sc
Overview Photocopy of autographed letter from Marsden Hartley to Waldo Peirce; (no date or place). Letterhead: Hudson D. Walker, Paintings, Drawings, Etchings, Old and Modern; 38 East 57th Street, New York.

V. A. Hartley Logging Journal

Identifier: SpC MS 1212-sc
Overview The volume records the amounts and kinds of timber that V.A. Hartley contracted to raft for the Arestook Boom Company to St. John, presumably New Brunswick. Each entry is headed "Spring Hill" and dated 1848. The volume also records wages, paid in pounds and shillings, to individual loggers for running timber for the company.

Edward D. Harwood Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1006-sc
Overview Diary of a resident of Monmouth, Auburn, and Lewiston, Maine during 1936 to 1938.

Captain A. W. Hasey Letters to the Selectmen of Bangor, Maine

Identifier: SpC MS 0735-sc
Overview Two letters (1820 Sept. 28 and 1821 Sept.) by Capt. A.W. Hasey requesting the selectmen of Bangor, Maine, provide gunpowder to his troops as required by law.

C. V. Haskell Letter

Identifier: SpC MS 1708-sc
Overview Addressed to "My dear brother," the letter is both a humorous one teasing Haskell's brother about his involvement with girls in Belfast, Maine, and a description of Haskell's duties as a soldier.

Charles H. Haskell Daybook No. 3

Identifier: SpC MS 1143-sc
Overview Daybook recording deliveries of goods on the Norway, Yarmouth and Spears, Maine routes.

Benjamin Hatch Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0229

Benton L. Hatch Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0230
Scope and Contents The collection contains both the personal papers of Benton Hatch and items from his collection of materials on Maine and New England history. Included are personal papers of Samuel and Joseph Foxcroft from New Gloucester, Maine, and records of the town of Fryeburg, Maine. The collection also contains papers of Fannie Hardy Eckstorm including a diary and photographs taken by her in 1891 and 1892, as well as items from her personal library. Photographs from the library of Lucius L. Hubbard are...

E. Natalie Hatch Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1280-sc
Overview Diary from 1923 of E. Natalie Hatch, a 13-year old student in New Vineyard, Maine. Most entries pertain to school, visitors, and meetings.

William Dodd Hathaway Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0231

Andrew Hawes Receipts

Identifier: SpC MS 1245-sc
Overview Receipts for goods purchased by Andrew Hawes. Hawes was a resident of Deering, a section of Portland, Maine. Represented are dealers in fancy goods, stationery, and groceries, as well as insurance agents, carpenters, booksellers, etc., all located in Portland. Also included in the collection are a few receipts for Martin Hawes dating from the 1840s.

Richard Vose Hayden Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0233
Overview The collection consists of diaries kept by Richard V. Hayden from 1821 through 1867. The diaries give very detailed information about Hayden's daily life, including the weather, his varied work activities, and local and national events.

S. Adonirans Hayward Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 0984-sc
Overview A collection of letters from H. A. Poole who lived in Waterville, Maine to S. Adonirans Hayward who lived in Easton, Massachusetts.

S. Haywood Letter

Identifier: SpC MS 1671-sc
Overview Letter from Haywood to her sister describing Haywood's recent move from Durham, Maine to Weld, Maine; the surroundings of her new home; building a house there; and her activities in the new community.

Hazzard Shoe Company Business Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0235
Scope and Contents The business and financial records of the Hazzard Shoe Company of Augusta and Gardiner, Maine. Also includes records of the Emerson Shoe Company.

Herrold E. Headley Music Department Memories Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 1742-sc
Overview This small collection includes two copies of accounts of events and achievements of the Music Department at the University of Maine from the time period of 1963 to 1967 when Dr. Herrold Headley was at the university.

Carrie M. Healey Diary and Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0944-sc
Overview A diary and account book of a farmer's wife in East Winthrop, Maine during 1912 to 1914. accounts.

J. A. Healy Work Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1371-sc

Herschel Heath Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0236

Solyman Heath Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1156-sc
Overview Contains two volumes dating from 1832-1855 used by Heath in his law practice to record money received from individuals. In some cases the reasons for the payments are given. The items were often paid for by barter, including with days of farm labor or work in the woods.

Heddle Hilliard Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0786-sc
Overview The collection includes correspondence, notes, deeds, land records, mortgages of the Old Town, Maine area, and Penobscot River Navigation Company certificates. Folder 1 contains bills, receipts, and letters relating to Old Town from 1833-1878; a copy of the Eagle Literary Fraternity College Gazette, v. 1, no. 3, ca. 1869; a copy of a list of plants analyzed by class in the year 1869 by Heddle Hilliard; letters from G.E. Hammond (1871-1873), E.J. Haskell, and others; and 2 letters to Cornelia M....

Hedge and Reed Cashbook

Identifier: SpC MS 0238

Frederic Henry Hedge Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 0702-sc
Overview The letters of a Unitarian clergyman, scholar, and Transcendentalist.

Alfred Geer Hempstead Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 0703-sc
Overview Correspondence of a Methodist minister.

Henry and Davis Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1739
Overview William Henry's business correspondence includes regular updates sent to him in Calais from several employees in Cooper, including his son, W.W. Henry, concerned with whether equipment is in working order and hiring an engineer and crew.Frank N. Davis' business letters are primarily from those working at other gas light companies in the United States and Canada, including the National Electric Light Association and Northern Light Company (both in New York,) the Canadian...

Harriet P. Henry Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0779
Overview The collection contains the personal papers of Harriet P. Henry, Maine's first woman judge. They reflect her many civic activities as well as her expertise in the areas of marine law and the environment.

Paul R. Hepler Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0239
Overview Research materials of Paul R. Hepler, an associate professor of horticulture at the University of Maine at Orono centered on his study of sugar beet growing in Maine.

Herbarium and Plant Descriptions

Identifier: SpC MS 1701
Overview Plant description notes and mounted plant specimens from an unidentified compiler gathered in a portfolio titled "Herbarium and plant descriptions" designed by Edward T. Nelson.

James A. Herne Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0159

Theresa Mary Hersum Scrapbook

Identifier: SpC MS 1632

Ruth Hertzberg Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1731
Overview The collection includes letters and news articles clipped by staff members of the publisher of Putting Food By, The Stephen Greene Press, after the 1982 printing.

Hewes Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1741
Overview Materials in the collection include many family letters, the diaries of two members of the family, and a few documents related to the attendance of Benjamin W. Hewes at Bowdoin College.

Philo Hewett Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1004-sc
Overview Diary of an 18-year-old student living in East Winthrop, Maine.

Edward Leander Higgins Architectural Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0242
Scope and Contents Collection contains architectural drawings and records of Edward Leander Higgins and his son Ambrose S. Higgins, including office records, specifications, plans and elevations, architectural renderings, correspondence and blueprints for a wide variety of buildings mostly in the state of Maine. Represented in the collection are plans for business, public and residential structures in Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, Skowhegan, Portland, Camden and Cape Elizabeth among others.

W. Higgins Daybooks

Identifier: SpC MS 0243

Matthew Edward Highlands Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1370-sc

Highway Surveyor's Book : Belfast, Maine

Identifier: SpC MS 1075-sc
Overview Account book containing records of taxes assessed and paid for labor and materials on highways in Belfast, Me. to Warren H. Paul, one of the surveyors of highways in Belfast. Includes a list of residents deficient in paying their tax.

Highway Surveyor's Book : Brownfield, Maine

Identifier: SpC MS 0721-sc
Overview Highway surveyor's tax list for 1882 in Brownfield, Maine, listing names and taxes owed. Includes a list of the duties of highway surveyors prescribed by the revised statutes of Maine.

Highway Surveyor's Books : Harrison, Maine

Identifier: SpC MS 0905-sc
Overview Highway surveyor's tax lists for the districts in the town of Harrison, Maine for the years 1840 to 1855, listing names and taxes owed.

Highway Surveyor's Books : Tremont, Maine

Identifier: SpC MS 0898-sc
Overview Highway surveyor's tax lists for the 12 districts in the town of Tremont, Maine for the years 1856 to 1884, listing names and taxes owed. Included are books for 1856 (Districts 9 and 11), 1862 (District 9), 1869 (District 12), 1870 (Districts 1 and 7), 1873 (Districts 1, 3-4, 8-9, 11-12), 1876 (Districts 2, 4-5, 7, 10), 1877 (Districts 1, 3-5, 9-11), 1880 (Districts 9, 10), 1881 (Districts 1-8, 10-12), and 1884 (Districts 1, 4, 7-9, 12). Included also is a letter from the highway surveyor of...

Hill and McLaughlin Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0708-sc
Overview Business records of a firm of merchants in the early 19th century.

Hill Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0245
Overview The collection contains personal papers and business records of members of the Hill family, early residents of Kittery and Berwick, Maine.

Hill Jewelry Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0244

Roger Benson Hill Scrapbook

Identifier: SpC MS 1629

Virgil Howard Hill Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 1303

Josiah Hinckley and Companion Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0909-sc
Overview Typescript of two diaries which were transcribed by Marjorie Bartlett. One diary (3 p.) by Josiah Hinckley covers the period Oct. 10 to Nov. 17, 1849 and describes a voyage from New York to Panama and the beginning of the voyage to California from Panama. The author of the second diary (12 p.) is unknown and describes his trip to California and his life there looking for gold. The period covered is Sept. 27, 1849 to March 16, 1851. His companions in California were Capt. Hinckley, J.P. Moore,...

S. J. Hinks List of Vessel Property in Bucksport, Maine

Identifier: SpC MS 0707-sc
Overview A ledger listing ships by name, including type of ship, age, weight, value, and share owners.

History of Bucksport Speech

Identifier: SpC MS 1118-sc
Overview Typescript of a speech delivered by Rufus Buck on July 4, 1857.

History of schools in Gorham, Maine,

Identifier: SpC MS 0888-sc
Overview A handwritten history of schools in Gorham, Maine, probably written around 1878. Author unknown.

Barbara Dunn Hitchner Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0248
Scope and Contents Materials in the collection generally include newspaper clippings, original records and copies of original records, and notes from various sources. Genealogies also include Barbara Dunn Hitchner correspondence.

E. Reeve Hitchner Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0560

Theodore B. Hobbs Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1393-sc

G. A. Hodgdon Daybook

Identifier: SpC MS 0953-sc
Overview A daybook of a store in Farmington, Maine. The entries cover the years 1909 to 1920.

Hoffman Postcard Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0251

Margo Holden Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0706-sc
Overview The papers of a Maine author and illustrator.

John Holland Promissory Note

Identifier: SpC MS 0705-sc
Overview A promissory note and schedule of securities lodged by John Holland of Dixfield at the Bath Bank.

Arlie Holman Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 1125-sc
Overview Letters from Holman to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Holman of West Peru, Me. Written between September 1945 and August 1946, the letters detail Holman's military service in the Army Air Forces and his experiences from his arrival at Camp Adair, Oregon, through his time in Okinawa Island, Japan. Miscellaneous postcards to various Holman family members are also included in the collection.

Edward M. Holmes Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0252

Ezekiel Holmes Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0704-sc
Overview A collection concerning an editor, legislator, educator, and agriculturalist of Maine.

University of Maine Honors Theses Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 1740
Overview This collection includes papers written by students during their senior year who are enrolled in the University of Maine Honors Program.

J. P. Hooper Financial Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0968-sc
Overview Financial records of a tailor in Bucksport, Maine. Included are an account book from 1847 to 1871 and two daybooks from 1864 Jan. to 1867 Nov. 27 and 1869 Dec. 1 to 1879 Oct. 9 with invoices from 1886.

William Hopkinson Labor Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1162-sc
Overview Account book kept by William Hopkinson of Gardiner, Maine, 1812-1835, recording farm work and other day labor.

Vileria J. Horr Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 1291-sc
Overview Two letters written by Vileria J. Horr of Lovell, Maine, to her sister Ruth. One letter is dated Dec. 22, 1883; the other is dated Mar. 9, 1884. Each letter also contains a letter written to Ruth by Vileria Horr's daughter, Carrie M. Horr. Vileria Horr writes about family matters, especially the health of various family members, as well as about the weather, etc. Carrie Horr also writes about her health, that of other family members, and about her schooling.

Horse Trainer's Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0943-sc
Overview Four diaries by a horse trainer/breeder/stable owner. The name of the horse trainer and the location of his stable are unknown.

Will R. Howard Photograph Album

Identifier: SpC MS 1710
Overview A photograph album presumably belonging to Will R. Howard, a member of the class of 1882 at the Maine State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now the University of Maine).

Duncan Howlett Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0254
Scope and Contents The collection contains the papers of Duncan Howlett of Center Lovell, Maine, a minister, author, and forester. They concern his activities as a small woodland owner and as one of the founders of the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine. Represented in the collection are materials from Rev. Howlett's terms of office on the boards of directors and various committees of the American Forestry Association, the Forest History Society, and the Natural Resources Council of Maine. These files...

Hub Shoe Store Scrapbooks

Identifier: SpC MS 1138

J. Russell Hudson Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0255

John Hume Account Books

Identifier: SpC MS 1191-sc
Overview Account books of John Hume of Robbinston, Maine, used to record financial transactions of his business, probably a general store, as well as his services to the town of Robbinston. Goods sold include beef, pork, potatoes, hay, books, writing paper, etc. Hume also recorded work he did for others including haying, pasturing cows, washing and shearing sheep and threshing. His duties for the town of Robbinston included service as selectman and overseer of the poor, as well as use of his horse and...

Jonathan Humphrey Military Papers

Identifier:  SpC MS 0736-sc
Overview Military papers of an officer in the New Hampshire militia. Included are Jonathan Humphrey's appointment as ensign of the First Light Infantry Company of the Eighth Regiment of Militia (June 11, 1818), his promotion to lieutenant (Aug. 26, 1822) his promotion to captain (Jan. 8, 1825), and his discharge paper (Dec. 14, 1825)

George H. Hunt Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 0771-sc
Overview A letter book containing letters written by an Indian Agent and merchant in Old Town, Maine in 1904 to 1906. Some of the letters are signed by George H. Hunt, Agent and some by Hunt & Stowe. Included also are photoreproductions of the letters in the letter book and typed transcripts of the letters.

Andrew Hussey Daybook

Identifier: SpC MS 1150-sc
Overview Volume listing daily transactions of Andrew Hussey of Berwick, Maine. Includes names of customers, goods purchased or work performed, and prices.

J. Herbert Hutchins Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 0956-sc
Overview A collection of letters to J. Herbert Hutchins from his mother, his father, and his brother H. Wesley. The letters span the years 1873 to 1888.

Fay Hyland Notebooks

Identifier: SpC MS 1455-sc

I. & I. Lunt Time and Payroll Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1094-sc
Overview Volume covers the period October and November 1873 and lists names of employees, their time worked and their daily rate of pay. Also includes a few bills from 1873 and 1874 to the company.

Tatiana Illyn Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1573

Improved Order of Red Men, Penobscot Tribe No. 70 Question Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0768-sc
Overview The records of a secret fraternal organization. The question book contains questions to be answered by pale faces before entering the wigwam. The questions are answered and signed by the members of the Penobscot Tribe No. 70 [Maine]

Improved Order of Red Men, St. Aspenquid Tribe No. 104 Six Moons' Report

Identifier: SpC MS 1501-sc
Overview Volume recording information about the chapter of the Improved Order of Red Men in Kittery, Maine. Includes number of members, assessment of dues, expenses and receipts, etc.

In Memento Mori : Doctor Caroline Colvin Scrapbook

Identifier: SpC MS 1686-sc
Overview A scrapbook about Caroline Colvin compiled by Mary W. Ogborn, a relative of Dr. Colvin.

Independent Order of Good Templars. Denny's River Lodge No. 262 (Dennysville, Me.) Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0722-sc
Overview Minutes of lodge meetings from Feb. 12, 1869 to July 10, 1876.

Independent Order of Good Templars, Georges Valley Lodge No. 160 Record of Dues

Identifier: SpC MS 1274-sc
Overview Record of initiation fees and dues paid by members of the Georges Valley Lodge No. 160 of the Independent Order of Good Templars located in North Appleton, a locality in Appleton, Maine.

Independent Order of Good Templars. Pemaquan Lodge No. 210 (Pembroke, Me.) Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0723-sc
Overview The records of a fraternal temperance society. Included are a ledger containing minutes of meetings from Feb. 8, 1867 to Aug. 18, 1873, 2 speeches about temperance, a proposal for membership, and a treasurer's report for the quarter ending Oct. 31, 1870. Also included is the official charter of the lodge.

Independent Order of Good Templars, Valley Lodge No. 100 Minutes

Identifier: SpC MS 1254-sc
Overview Minutes of meetings of Valley Lodge No. 100 of the Independent Order of Good Templars, located in Monroe, Maine.

Independent Order of Good Templars, Valley Lodge No. 259 Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1037-sc
Overview The records of a fraternal temperance society in Blanchard, Maine. Included are a ledger containing minutes of meetings from Nov. 1, 1894 to Aug. 10, 1899; two maps showing the location of the town of Blanchard; and 5 pages of notes.