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Fryeburg, Maine School District Census

Identifier: SpC MS 1152-sc
Overview A volume compiled by the school superintendent, probably Arthur C. Ferguson, listing names of pupils and their ages, names of teachers, their wages per week, the names of those with whom they boarded and the costs per week, as well as names of truant officers, school visits by the superintendent, etc.

Fryeburg Temperance Association Record Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0839-sc
Overview Records of a temperance society in Fryeburg, Maine. The record book contains the minutes of meetings.

Chas. C. Fuller Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 0840-sc
Overview Letters written by a Civil War soldier to his wife. Most of the letters were written by Charles C. Fuller to his wife Rachel A. Fuller between January 4, 1862 and Sept. 6, 1863. Two letters were written earlier in 1857. Included also are four letters from D.S. Fuller to Rachel written March 18, Aug. 23, Sept. 2, and Nov. 9, 1863; a letter to Aunt Rachel from Nell written Sept. 3, 1863; a letter to Rachel from her father Benjamin written March 3, 1869; and a letter to Rachel from her sister...

Francis R. Fuller Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0194
Overview Papers of an Army officer and professor of Military Science and Tactics at the University of Maine, Orono. Includes reports, maps, photos and other papers relating to World War I and World War II and the period in between.

Eliza Draper Gardiner Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1525-sc
Overview Diary with entries from 1940 to May 1950 detailing Gardiner's activities in the art community, participation in events and shows at the Providence Art Club and other museums, travels to various cities, visits to art museums, etc. Diary also provides details on progress of her various works, information on their purchase and where they were shown. Also mentioned are activities in her private life including visits of friends and family, health and household matters, etc. Found with the diary are...

Gardiner Lyceum Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0843-sc
Overview A collection of records concerning the Gardiner Lyceum in Gardiner, Maine. Included are correspondence sent to Ralph K. Jones, Librarian at the University of Maine, concerning his request for documents relating to the Gardiner Lyceum. Correstpondents include Samuel L. Boardman, George T. Little, Robert H. Gardiner, Moses Hale Douglass, and H.V. Partridge. Included also are notes on the Lyceum probably by Ralph K. Jones; a typescript of the Report of the Committee on Literary Institutions on the...

Gardner Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0784

Wofford G. Gardner Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0196

James A. Garfield Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 0749-sc
Overview Three letters from James A. Garfield, Mentor, Ohio, to John P. Haire, Janesville, Wisconsin. The letters are dated May 14, 1877; June 22, 1880; and Nov. 6, 1880.

Jim Garvin Photograph Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 1725
Overview Photographs of the University of Maine campus and surrounding communities taken by the official campus photographer.

Bill Geagan Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0197
Overview The collection contains personal papers of Bill Geagan, an author, columnist, illustrator and naturalist from Bangor, Maine.

Virgil Geddes Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0739-sc
Overview The papers of an American playwright and critic. Included are a biography; an article about Virgil Geddes in Lost generation journal, spring/summer 1974; a bibliography of his plays, poems, and essays; a news release about his being named Western Connecticut Chairman of the Independent Voters Organization Friends for Gov. John N. Dempsey; 6 photographs of Virgil Geddes; and a carbon copy of a script of his play Native ground as played at the Venice Theatre, March 20, 1937. The script was...

General Store Ledger (1850-1874)

Identifier: SpC MS 1232-sc
Overview Ledger of an unidentified general store, possibly in Rumford, Maine. Arranged by customer name, the ledger lists goods sold and prices paid. Goods include beef, flour, potatoes, molasses, apples, etc.

General Store Records (1853-1897)

Identifier: SpC MS 1326-sc
Overview Financial records of an unidentified business in Ashland, Maine, probably a general store. Included is a ledger dating from 1853-1863, arranged by customer name and listing purchases, and two daybooks dating from 1888-1897, listing daily purchases.

Student Organizations And Publications. General Student Senate (University Of Maine) Records

 Record Group
Identifier: UA RG 0009-008
Scope and Contents The records mainly contain textual information created by the University of Maine General Student Senate, but there are also photographic material in Box 9, folders 4, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 55, 59, 64, 70, 77, 84, 87, 89, 96, 97, 106, 111, 112; Box 10, Folder 4, 5, 7, 8, 10; Box 16, Folder 29, a photo & stamp press in Box 9 Folder 59, film strips in Box 8, Folder 15, and a scrapbook of clippings in Box 17. The record series Administrative Records includes meeting minutes,...

Rufus Gennings Daybook

Identifier: SpC MS 1175-sc
Overview Daybook from Rufus Gennings' general store in Industry, Maine. A note written by Gennings in the front of the volume indicates that he sold the business to J. Wright of Farmington, Maine, sometime after 1848. The first part of the volume, dating from December 12, 1848 to January 1, 1852, records purchases made by customers at the store and prices paid for goods. Items bought include butter, molasses, nails, calico, tobacco, etc. The volume then skips to 1876, when perhaps a new owner began...

Geo. Del Smith Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0901-sc
Overview The collection of an itinerant lecturer. Included are examples of calligraphy by Geo. Del Smith; an envelope in script addressed to Milford Baker in Bingham, Maine; a broadside advertising Smith's lectures and blackboard demonstrations on perspective vs. geometry; and three signed letters from Geo. Del Smith to Milford Baker, Bingham, Maine dated 1911 Jan. 20 and Feb. 1 and 1913 Feb. 16.

George B. Dow & Son Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1136-sc
Overview Ledger containing information on materials sold as well as inventories, wages paid, goods ordered and other details about running the business.

Floyd Phillips Gibbons Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0200
Overview Papers contain correspondence, columns, comic strips, manuscripts of his writings, radio scripts, recordings, newsclips, photographs, and Gibbons family memorabilia.

Moses Giddings Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0201
Overview This small collection contains both business and personal papers of Moses Giddings of Bangor, Maine.

Barjona and Rebecca Gifford v. Moses Brown Decision

Identifier: SpC MS 1320-sc
Overview Court document recording decision of referees Woodbury Stover, Hugh McLellan and Robert Boyd in a case in which Moses Brown was ordered to pay Rebecca Gifford the sum of $21.05 plus court costs. Samuel Freeman was the clerk of the court.

Ichabod Gifford Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0970-sc
Overview An account book of a farmer in Vassalboro, Maine.

Fred Alliston Gilbert Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0202
Overview Papers relating to the logging industry in Maine and the Great Northern Paper Company.

Frank P. Gillespie Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1472-sc
Overview A daily diary recording activities of Frank P. Gillespie, possibly of Biddeford, Maine. Entries pertain to cutting and selling wood, selling sawdust, building roads, growing and harvesting potatoes, etc. Also included are observations about the weather and entries detailing visits with friends, most notably Rosa A. Dow. The diary also contains information about Gillespie's purchases and wages for the year.

Augustus W. Gilman Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0203

Gilman Family Business Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1202-sc
Overview The records include cashbooks, 1855-1887, and ledgers, 1854-1866, recording transactions with customers. There are also a daybook and two ledgers, 1873-1878, recording purchases at a general store, perhaps the company store for the sawmills. The collection also contains a labor time book recording names of workers, their duties, number of days worked and amounts paid for each job. Typical duties included working on lath machines, sawing boards, rafting, working on shingle machines, etc. A...

Agnes Gilpatrick Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1493

Thomas M. Giveen Account Book and Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0990-sc
Overview An account book and loose letters and notes kept by a lawyer practicing in Brunswick, Maine in the late 19th century.

Glenburn, Maine Town Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1091-sc
Overview Includes documents from town selectmen and treasurers, tax and assessors' documents, bonds, etc. Collection also includes a small group of bills, 1839-1842, of Silas Peirce & Co., wholesale grocers in Boston.

John Edwards Godfrey Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0204
Overview Manuscripts, diaries, and notes of a prominent 19th century Maine historian. Especially strong in Maine and Bangor history.

Noel Davis Godfrey Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0889-sc
Overview The papers of an educator and historian. Included are preliminary drafts of his doctoral dissertation, manuscript material and note cards used in preparing his dissertation, a copy of his dissertation, a typescript of his seminar paper titled Some phasas of collegiate and university education in Maine, a photocopy of a list of talks given by Dr. Godfrey, a tintype of him in a decorative frame, a notebook, and correspondence regarding his application for copyright of his doctoral dissertation.

Sadie H. Goodall Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0927-sc
Overview Diary of a housewife in Oakfield, Maine. Topics included are the weather, baking, washing, cleaning, ironing, visits, children's activities, sewing, deaths and funerals, books read.

Elmer O. Goodridge Photograph Album

Identifier: SpC MS 1709
Overview A photograph album belonging to Elmer O. Goodridge, a member of the class of 1885 at the Maine State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now the University of Maine).

Allen Goodwin Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0205
Overview Collection contains papers collected by Allen Goodwin including historical and genealogical information about his home town of Palermo, Maine, as well as surrounding towns such as Montville and Liberty.

Edward S. Goodwin Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1244-sc
Overview A volume used by Edward S. Goodwin of South Berwick, Maine, to record days of work done by various individuals as well as records of various goods purchased. Typical work included cutting and hauling wood, use of oxen, breaking roads, etc. Goods included hay, potatoes, corn, etc. Information on the estate of Thomas Goodwin from 1858 is also included.

Nelson Gordon Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0998-sc
Overview Diary of a farmer in Thorndike, Maine recording noteworthy events and daily life on the farm in the year 1884.

Gorham Seminary Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 0844-sc
Overview A collection of programs for a private school in Gorham, Maine. The collection includes three copies of a description of Gorham Seminary in 1861 and one copy for 1871; the order of exercises for the exhibition at the seminary for the years 1840, 1843, 1845, 1846, 1848, 2 copies for 1872, and 3 copies of an undated program; a program for the anniversary exhibition for 1863 and program for a concert for the benefit of the soldiers by the young ladies of Gorham Seminary, April 1864; and two leaves...

Charles F. Gould Daybook No. 4

Identifier: SpC MS 1506-sc
Overview Daybook recording purchases at a general store apparently owned by Charles F. Gould in Biddeford, Maine. The volume records purchases by customers of items such as wood, lime, tobacco, tea, pepper, etc.

Edward Gould Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0747-sc
Overview The papers of a banker in Portland, Maine. Included are 6 account books listing family expenses covering the period 1827 to 1892. Included also are a record of meetings of the committee to make arrangements for the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Mission and a few papers of Congregational Churches in Portland. Included also are family and business correspondence.

Mrs. William B. Gould Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 1050-sc
Overview Letters to a mother living in Readville, Massachusetts from her son at a military training camp in Portland, Maine during July 1927. The 10 letters describe daily life in the camp. Also included are 2 newspaper articles about the training camp.

Nathan Gove Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1195-sc
Overview A volume used by Nathan Gove of Edgecomb, Maine, to record his business and postal transactions from 1846 to 1891. Part of the volume records his activities as postmaster in 1851 and 1852 and includes names of postal customers, numbers of letters sent, and the cost of each. The rest of the volume records Gove's varied business transactions. The exact nature of his business is not clear but the book notes dealings in lumber and the costs for labor such as hauling stone, moving timber, etc. It...

William Gowen Milk Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1286-sc
Overview A volume used by William Gowen, a resident of Westbrook, Maine, to record names of customers in his milk business and the number of gallons of milk purchased on a daily basis.

Amos A. Graffte Lumber Contracts

Identifier: SpC MS 1760-sc
Scope and Contents Lumber contracts between Amos A. Graffte and Great Northern Paper Company, also includes one building contract between Graffte and Moose River Plantation.

Amos and Octavia Moulton Graffte Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0207
Overview The collection reflects the business and civic activities of both Amos A. and Octavia Moulton Graffte. The collection is enriched by notes of explanation added to most items by the Grafftes' daughter, Marjorie Graffte Prout, the donor of the collection.

Graham & Goodhue Daybooks

Identifier: SpC MS 1110-sc
Overview Daybooks of a Bangor, Maine business, probably a general store. Volume 1, dating from 1833-1834, records sales of goods such as calico, silk, nails, molasses, books, etc. The volume was also used in the 1850s to record expenses entailed for keeping sheep and other work in Greenfield, N.H. Volume 2 continues the sales records of Graham & Goodhue from 1835 to 1836. This volume was also used by an unidentified person or business to record income from rents and various legal services,...

Irmgard B. and James D. Graham Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1575
Overview Collection contains a small amount of material documenting the careers of Irmgard B. and James D. Graham, both landscape architects.

Grain Merchant's Daybook

Identifier: SpC MS 1076-sc
Overview Daybook of an unidentified grain merchant recording sales of corn, beans, bran, etc. An entry in the volume lists the merchant's son as Stuart Wood Hodgdon.

Grain Point Dyking Company By-Laws

Identifier: SpC MS 0692-sc
Overview By-laws of a company formed to build and repair a dike in Milbridge, Maine on Back Bay Creek.

Granby-Alaska Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0208
Overview This small collection contains copies of documents concerning the founding and operation of the Granby-Alaska Company. The documents appear to have been assembled for some purpose, perhaps to prepare for the numerous lawsuits against the company.

Grand Lake Dam Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1017-sc
Overview A small collection of records concerning the Grand Lake Dam, in Township 6 Range 8 of Penobscot County, Maine.

Grand Trunk Hotel Guest Register

Identifier: SpC MS 1106-sc
Overview Register of guests at the Grand Trunk Hotel in South Paris, Maine, for October-December, 1898. Register also includes an inventory of hotel furnishings and their costs. Volume has printed blotter sheets headed "The national advertising hotel register," listing various businesses in Maine, as well as a printed hotel guide listing hotels in each state.

Gray Family Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 1687-sc
Overview Personal correspondence among members of the Gray family of Old Town, Maine. Also included are agreements between Alexander Gray and James Cooper regarding operating sawmills in Orono, Maine.

Philip L. Gray Scrapbook

Identifier: SpC MS 1620

Samuel Gray Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0847-sc
Overview Diaries of a resident of Cornish, Maine, for the years 1865, 1874, 1885-1886, and 1888. Entries provide details of the weather each day and outline Gray's work and social activities. He often worked at plastering and building for himself and others as well as farming, chopping wood, etc. Later volumes often mention "sale work," perhaps sewing clothing or coats

Seth E. Gray Account Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1079-sc
Overview Account book of Seth E. Gray and Gray Bros. and Dresser, possibly from Machias, Me. Includes listings of goods sold and work done on an unidentified farm, probably a blueberry farm. Accompanied by another account book from Machias, 1883-1884, listing prices of groceries and dry-goods. Names mentioned in this volume include C.W. Vose, S.W. Pope & Co., S.S. Hall, and J.O. Pope & Co.

Walter H. Gray Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1276-sc
Overview Collection contains papers from Gray's service as a warden with the Maine Dept. of Sea and Shore Fisheries. Includes pocket diaries from 1964 and 1965; memos to Gray from the department, 1959-1964; requisitions and inventories for clothing and equipment, 1964-1966; blank departmental forms; paycheck stubs; and miscellaneous articles about fisheries.

Great Northern Paper Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0210
Overview Collection includes correspondence, subject files, publications, contracts for material and labor, maps and plans, photographs and production records.

University of Maine Greek Letter Societies Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0559
Overview Materials from fraternities, sororities, and other Greek letter societies at the University of Maine at Orono. Includes membership lists, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, audiotape, and slides.

Mrs. John W. Greely Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 1383-sc

Asa Green Daybooks

Identifier: SpC MS 1103-sc
Overview Daybooks of an unidentified business in Orono, Maine, possibly a general store, listing names of customers, their purchases and prices paid. Items purchased include shoes, pork, coffee, nails, calico, etc.

Earl Leroy Green Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0211

The Earl Green collection consists of papers of Dr. Earl Green and his wife and associate, Margaret C. Green. Included are personal papers from graduate school, teaching papers from Ohio State, research materials from Jackson Lab, and before, Jackson Lab business papers, and reprints of articles by Jackson Lab's staff and others on genetics.

Mary Greenleaf Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1570-sc
Overview Letters, 1863, to Mary Greenleaf from a soldier in the 130th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment named George S. Erving or Ewing. Also a letter, July 2, 1864, from Augustus Vaughan written from a camp near Petersburg. Vaughan served in the 17th Maine Infantry and describes his service in a military hospital. Also contains a school register, 1863-1864, from Lexington, Maine, listing names of pupils, their ages, attendance, etc.

Greenwood Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1744
Scope and Contents Papers, 1773-1973, of the Greenwood family. Most of the family lived in Farmington, Maine or its environs and the majority of the papers originate from their businesses and interests in the area. The earliest papers are from Joseph Greenwood of Dublin, NH. Joespeh was a leading citizen of Dublin, serving as Selectman, Treasurer, Town Clerk, schoolmaster, Justice of the Peace, and Representative to the First Provincial Congress of...

Clarine Coffin Grenfell Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1656
Overview Collection contains personal papers of Clarine Coffin Grenfell. It includes correspondence, 1927-1997, the early part of which consists of love letters to and from suitors and from her future husband, Rev. Jack Grenfell. It also includes a scrapbook and other memorabilia from her time as a student at the University of Maine; family photographs, 1928-1990s; teacher's contracts and other work documents; memorabilia; and information about Grenfell's honorary degree from the University of Maine.

Roger L. Grindle Records of Ships and Cargoes

Identifier: SpC MS 0213
Overview This collection consists largely of research note cards concerning a variety of subjects including: schooners, the lime industry, and the granite industry.

Lenore Grunko Letters

Identifier: SpC MS 0215

John Lawrence Guice Scrapbook

Identifier: SpC MS 1415-sc

Rice W. Guptill Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0714-sc
Overview The papers of a justice of the peace and town clerk. Included are legal documents, receipts, and letters.

H. C. Baxter and Bro. Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0044
Overview The collection contains records of H.C. Baxter and Bro. and its subsidiary, Snow Flake Canning Company. Baxter was a canning and food processing operation with headquarters in Brunswick, Maine.

John Pucel Haire Class Book for Williams College

Identifier: SpC MS 0748-sc
Overview A class book from Williams College. The book includes portraits of some of the students as well as autographs, where born, future profession, and notes. Garfield's page includes a couplet, two newspaper clippings about his assassination, and a copy of a memorial address on the death of Garfield by C.G. Williams at Janesville, Wisconsin, Sept. 26, 1881. The class book also has newspaper clippings, death memorials, and correspondence slipped in.

John W. Hakola Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0216
Overview This small collection contains papers gathered by Professor Hakola in his work in the History Department at the University of Maine. It also contains material reflecting his interest in the environment and natural resources of Maine.

Enoch Hale Missionary Journal

Identifier: SpC MS 1547-sc
Overview A journal kept by Hale between Aug. 9 and Oct. 28, 1802, recording information about his travels in Maine as a member of the Hampshire Missionary Society. In the journal he outlines the places where he visited and preached, people he met, etc.

Haley Family Legal Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0789-sc
Overview Legal papers of a family in Biddeford and Hollis, Maine. Included are a 1743 deed from Benjamin Haley of Biddeford to his son Samuel Haley of Biddeford; an extract from town records of Biddeford dated August 23, 1800 relating to the sale of land in Winter Harbor Flatts to Benjamin Haley; deeds dated 1797 and 1803 and two dated 1805 from Joseph Haley of Biddeford to Sylvester Haley of Biddeford; deeds dated 1817 and 1819 from Noah Haley of Hollis to Joseph Haley 3rd of Hollis; a 1782 deed from...

Haley Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0787-sc
Overview The papers of the Haley family living in Kittery, Maine. Included are bills, receipts, tax records, deeds, promissory notes, and agreements mainly regarding Thomas Haley. Included also are papers concerning Newbury Haley and other Haley family members.

Hall and Marmion Families Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 0740-sc
Overview Letters to and from Hall and Marmion family members. The letters describe family and social life and contain an account of the death of Mary, sister of Lydia.

Hall Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0750-sc
Overview The papers of a family living in Bucksport, Maine. A large part of the papers are about Daniel Hall and his inventions. Included are correspondence relating to patents and marketing of the recumbent chair and bag tie, and bills of sale which are for supplies and repairs to the schooners Columbia, Lucy, and Yankee out of Bucksport, Maine. Many of the bills of sale refer to Samuel P. Hall and to S.P. Hall & Co. Correspondents include M.H. Wiley from Boston, R.H. Eddy of the American and...

William H. Hall Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1285-sc
Overview A volume used by Wiilian H. Hall to record work done for customers in Belfast and Belmont, Maine. Hall, probably a resident of Belmont, supplied various types of lumber including hemlock, spruce, pine boards, etc., as well as selling goods such as molasses, honey, salt, and flour. He also did plowing, haying, wood cutting, etc. for individuals in both towns.

Beverly Hallam Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0217
Overview Artist's papers consist of publicity, clippings, brochures, catalogs concerning her artwork and the artwork in the Barn Gallery in Ogunquit, Maine.

Halls Mills Lumber Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1726
Overview Business records of a sawmill located near Whiting, Maine, along with information about the history of the mill, area homesteads, and the logging industry in Washington County, Maine

Stephen Ham Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1098-sc
Overview Ledger of a shoemaker from Shapleigh, Maine, listing names of customers and work done for them, primarily making or mending shoes. Accompanied by an index volume arranged by name of customer.

Brooks W. Hamilton Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0218
Scope and Contents The papers include personal information, correspondence, manuscripts, newspaper articles, course materials, information on public service activities, and materials relating to current legal issues in the field of journalism.

Robert C. Hamlet Scrapbooks

Identifier: SpC MS 1610

Cyrus Hamlin Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0220
Overview The papers of a naval architect and designer and the corporation that he owned. Included are correspondence, designs, blueprints, conference materials, advertisements and other records of Cyrus Hamlin's design firm and his company Ocean Research Corporation.

Hamlin Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0219
Overview The Hamlin family papers consist primarily of the personal, political and business papers of Hannibal Hamlin, his sons Charles, Cyrus, Hannibal E., and Frank Hamlin, Charles Hamlin's son, Charles E. Hamlin and his wife, Myra Sawyer Hamlin, and their daughter, Louise Hamlin. The collection also includes papers of Hannibal Hamlin's brother, Elijah L. Hamlin and his son, Augustus C. Hamlin, as well as photographs, and materials about other family members.

George H. Hamlin Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1479-sc
Overview The collection contains a diary maintained by George Hamlin in 1874 in which he made notes about his classes and his activities at the University of Maine. Also included is a volume of notes on velocity measured by Hamlin on the west branch of the Stillwater River in Orono and an undated volume listing the elevations of bench-marks found on various streets in Bangor, Maine. The final volume in the collection appears to have been used by Hamlin to record miscellaneous notes, including...

Henry H. Hamlin Memorandum Book

Identifier: SpC MS 1509-sc
Overview A volume used by Henry H. Hamlin of Livermore Falls, Maine, to record his daily work activities, sales of products, financial matters, etc. Transactions include use of a horse and wagon, sharpening a plow, and sales of beef, ham, corn, apples, etc.

Carlos Hammond Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 1379

John E. Hammond Accounts Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0221

Hamor and Rich Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0222

Kathryn Hanscom Diary

Identifier: SpC MS 0989-c
Overview A diary of a teacher in Bethel, Maine. Brief entries describe her daily social, family, and school activities.

Manly Hardy Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 1216-sc
Overview Includes photocopies of letters from Manly Hardy to William Brewster dating from 1877 to 1910. The collection also includes one letter from Hardy to Prof. E.A. Allen, 1890; four letters to Walter Deane, 1898, 1900; one letter to Abbott H. Thayer, 1900; and one letter, 1898, to Hardy from John A. Lord, a taxidermist in Portland, Maine. The collection also includes photocopies of letters dating from 1886 to 1918 to Brewster from Manly Hardy's daughter, Fannie Hardy Eckstorm, as well as a letter...

A. L. Harman Ledgers

Identifier: SpC MS 0225

Washington D. Harriman Travel Journal

Identifier: SpC MS 1163-sc
Overview Journal recording details of a voyage of an unidentified vessel from Trapani, Italy in 1885. The journal covers the dates June 12 through June 30, and the first page indicates that this volume is a continuation of the journal.

Stanley Harrington Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0991-sc
Overview Diaries of a farmer in Greenville, Maine. What appears to be a 1954 datebook is in fact a 1961-1963 diary, with occasional entries as early as 1956.

Harris Company Correspondence

Identifier: SpC MS 1489-sc
Overview The collection centers around the purchase of candles from John G. Rathborne Ltd. by both the Harris Company and Norton Portland Corp. to give to their clients and business associates. It contains letters to Herman Cohen of Norton Portland written in 1956 and 1957 from many businesses nation-wide thanking him for the gift of Rathborne candles given to the firms at Christmas 1956. Letters to the Harris Company in 1962 were written to thank them for the gift of similar candles depicting Maine...

Josiah Harris Waste Book B

Identifier: SpC MS 1096-sc
Overview Daily transactions from July 1, 1791 through Dec. 12, 1792, listing names of customers, items purchased and prices paid. Purchases include sugar, molasses, rum, shoes, cotton, oats, etc. An accompanying volume, with 1793 on the cover, lists similar transactions from Aug. 24, 1792 through Dec. 26, 1793.