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A. Hobson & Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0250

Samuel Vincent Abbott Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 0001
Scope and Contents Ledger recording accounts of sawmill owned by Samuel Vincent Abbott in Rumford, Maine.

Account Book (1806-1809)

Identifier: SpC MS 0592

Account Book (1861-1865)

Identifier: SpC MS 0591

Account Book with Clippings (circa 1878)

Identifier: SpC MS 0005
Scope and Contents Account book with clippings relating to Gen. Joshua L. Chamberlain pasted over first pages. Includes autograph and photographic portrait.

Allan's Hotel (Dennysville, Maine) Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0009
Scope and Contents Note The records include 3 hotel registers (July 14, 1866-Feb. 17, 1870; Feb. 17, 1870-March 14, 1872; Dec. 6, 1878-Aug. 18, 1881).

Ames Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0017
Overview The collection contains the business records and personal papers of members of the Ames family of Machias, Maine. It centers on papers of John K. Ames and his sons, Frank and Alfred Ames and also has records of S.W. Pope and Company and the Machias Lumber Company.

James Andrews Seaman's Journal and Notebook

Identifier: SpC MS 0690-sc
Overview Includes a journal of voyages in 1817-1819 on the ship Osprey commanded by Stephan Brown. One of the voyages was from Salem to Canton, China and back. Includes also a linen-covered journal with questions and answers of a mathematical nature: salary, measurements, geometric problems, trigonometry, and sailing as well as methods for keeping a ship's log.

Nathaniel S. Arey Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1187-sc
Overview A volume used by Nathaniel S. Arey of Hampden, Maine, to record his daily work activities. Arranged by customer name, the volume details such work as use of wagon and oxen or horse, getting logs out, hauling logs or rocks, etc. It also records agricultural products sold, including potatoes, apples, beef, pumpkins, etc.

C. T. Ball Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0032

Francis Bemis Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 0047

Blunt and Hinman Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0059

Boothbay House Hotel Register

Identifier: SpC MS 0064

Bryant & Stratton Business College Student Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1698-sc
Overview A ledger prepared by an unidentified student as an exercise in bookkeeping using data presented in Bryant & Stratton's counting house book-keeping.

Campbell Book Store Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0082
Overview A collection of the business records of a retail book store owned and operated by Charles E. Campbell in Portland, Maine. Includes ledgers, account books, inventories, and auditors' reports.

Central Maine Power Company Collection

Identifier: SpC MS 1008
Overview Records from 40 small electric companies established in Maine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The companies subsequently were acquired by Central Maine Power Company between 1910 and 1965.

Chandler Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0094
Overview Consists of business and personal papers of several generations of the family as well as materials concerning the town of New Gloucester, Maine.

Dwight A. Clarke Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1297-sc
Overview A ledger used to record sales of cattle, oxen, and other livestock. No information is given in the ledger to indicate Dwight Clarke's place of residence.

Coe Family Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0104
Overview Consist primarily of business records of the brothers Eben S. Coe and Thomas Upham Coe, with a few papers of Thomas's wife, Sada L. Coe.

Timothy Copp Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1180-sc
Overview A ledger used by Timothy Copp to record business transactions at one of his businesses, perhaps the sawmill.

Roderick W. Delano Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1682-sc
Overview A ledger maintained, 1890-1912, by Roderick W. Delano, town treasurer of Verona, Maine.

Dennysville, Maine Sawmill Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0274-sc
Overview Three ledgers containing the records of a sawmill in Dennysville, Maine, during the middle of the 19th century. Two of the ledgers are organized by log brands and cover the years 1835 to 1878. The third ledger seems to record the receipt of logs from a log drive. Included are records of who sawed and hauled the logs, by whom they were surveyed and rafted, by whom shipped, destination, and purchaser. Names mentioned frequently are John Kilby, Theosophilus Kilby, Benjamin Foster, John Mayhew, and...

Dover and Foxcroft Light and Heat Company Records (Central Maine Power Company Collection)

Identifier: SpC MS 0145
Scope and Contents Financial records of a local electric utility in Maine. Included are ledgers and invoice books covering the years 1895 to 1916.

Charles J. Dunn Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0150
Scope and Contents The collection covers his entire legal career, his term as Treasurer of the University of Maine, and his term as Maine Supreme Court Judge. Included are correspondence, letters, bills, and receipts. The legal papers include records of cases involving assaults, divorce, estates, collections, bankruptcies, and pensions. Also included are records of the University of Maine (1896-1936), the draft board (WWI), and the town of Orono (1833-1914).

George B. Dunn Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0151
Scope and Contents The papers of a lumberman and farmer in Houlton, Maine. Included are account books, financial records, correspondence, deeds, leases, ledgers, receipts, Dunn family papers, stumpage records, tax information, and time books.

Isaac Dyer Ledger No. 3

Identifier: SpC MS 1170-sc
Overview A ledger recording financial transactions of Isaac Dyer of Baldwin, Maine. He appears to have owned a sawmill there.

E. L. Staples Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1206-sc
Overview Ledger of an unidentified lumber business, probably that of E.L. Staples, Lewiston, Maine. The company, owned by Ernest L. Staples, was a box and lumber manufacturer and dealt in lumber, moldings, flooring, doors, windows, and box shooks. It also did band-sawing, planing and jobbing.

E. Plummer and Sons Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0413
Overview The collection consists of four unidentified volumes. By their dates, it is assumed that they mostly concern the firm of E. Plummer and Sons, incorporated in 1901.

E. R. Wingate & Co. Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1327-sc
Overview Ledger from a general store listing names of customers, goods sold and their prices. Items include tobacco, flour, herring, needles, flannel, etc. The location of the business is not indicated.

Roscoe C. Emery Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0166
Overview Papers related to Roscoe C. Emery's roles as a politician, newspaper editor, real estate agent and insurance agent in Eastport, Maine.

Excelsior Mill Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0026

F. B. Blanchard & Co. Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1194-sc
Overview Includes a daybook and corresponding ledger with index for a general store in Waterville, Maine. Goods purchased include sugar, candles, cider, flannel, tobacco, pork, apples, etc.

John Fairbanks Store Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 0171

Samuel Farnsworth Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0718-sc
Overview Papers of a sea captain.

Fish Dealer's Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1160-sc
Overview Ledger from an unidentified fish dealer in Vinalhaven, Maine, 1879-1882.

James Foster Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1157-sc
Overview Ledger of James and Charles Foster from 1823 to 1833 listing by customer name various goods sold and transactions entered into with both men.

Freight Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1230-sc
Overview A volume from an unidentified company listing merchandise transported for various individuals. Information includes a description of goods shipped, their weight, the places from which they were shipped, to whom they were consigned and the costs of shipping. Items include seed, fish, cotton, leather, sugar, etc.; the places the goods were shipped from were mostly in Maine and Massachusetts.

General Store Ledger (1850-1874)

Identifier: SpC MS 1232-sc
Overview Ledger of an unidentified general store, possibly in Rumford, Maine. Arranged by customer name, the ledger lists goods sold and prices paid. Goods include beef, flour, potatoes, molasses, apples, etc.

General Store Records (1853-1897)

Identifier: SpC MS 1326-sc
Overview Financial records of an unidentified business in Ashland, Maine, probably a general store. Included is a ledger dating from 1853-1863, arranged by customer name and listing purchases, and two daybooks dating from 1888-1897, listing daily purchases.

George B. Dow & Son Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1136-sc
Overview Ledger containing information on materials sold as well as inventories, wages paid, goods ordered and other details about running the business.

Moses Giddings Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0201
Overview This small collection contains both business and personal papers of Moses Giddings of Bangor, Maine.

Augustus W. Gilman Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0203

Gilman Family Business Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1202-sc
Overview The records include cashbooks, 1855-1887, and ledgers, 1854-1866, recording transactions with customers. There are also a daybook and two ledgers, 1873-1878, recording purchases at a general store, perhaps the company store for the sawmills. The collection also contains a labor time book recording names of workers, their duties, number of days worked and amounts paid for each job. Typical duties included working on lath machines, sawing boards, rafting, working on shingle machines, etc. A...

Amos and Octavia Moulton Graffte Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0207
Overview The collection reflects the business and civic activities of both Amos A. and Octavia Moulton Graffte. The collection is enriched by notes of explanation added to most items by the Grafftes' daughter, Marjorie Graffte Prout, the donor of the collection.

William H. Hall Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1285-sc
Overview A volume used by Wiilian H. Hall to record work done for customers in Belfast and Belmont, Maine. Hall, probably a resident of Belmont, supplied various types of lumber including hemlock, spruce, pine boards, etc., as well as selling goods such as molasses, honey, salt, and flour. He also did plowing, haying, wood cutting, etc. for individuals in both towns.

Halls Mills Lumber Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1726
Overview Business records of a sawmill located near Whiting, Maine, along with information about the history of the mill, area homesteads, and the logging industry in Washington County, Maine

Stephen Ham Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1098-sc
Overview Ledger of a shoemaker from Shapleigh, Maine, listing names of customers and work done for them, primarily making or mending shoes. Accompanied by an index volume arranged by name of customer.

John E. Hammond Accounts Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0221

Hamor and Rich Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0222

A. L. Harman Ledgers

Identifier: SpC MS 0225

Herschel Heath Account Book

Identifier: SpC MS 0236

Hedge and Reed Cashbook

Identifier: SpC MS 0238

Hill Jewelry Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0244

Barbara Dunn Hitchner Papers

Identifier: SpC MS 0248
Scope and Contents Materials in the collection generally include newspaper clippings, original records and copies of original records, and notes from various sources. Genealogies also include Barbara Dunn Hitchner correspondence.

Islesboro Inn Stable Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1177-sc
Overview Ledger of financial transactions of the stable at the Islesboro Inn, Islesboro, Maine. The volume is arranged by customer name and details the use of the Inn's horses for afternoon drives, drives to the jetty, to the cottage, etc.

Peleg Jones Diaries

Identifier: SpC MS 0268

Josiah Hume & Co. Records

Identifier: SpC MS 1200-sc
Overview Financial records of a business in Calais, Maine, presumably a general store. One volume, dated 1829-1832 and entitled Ledger B, records sales of goods such as shoes, apples, mackerel, butter, oil, rum, flannel, etc. The second volume, a daybook from 1835-1837, records daily transactions of the store. The volumes are accompanied by miscellaneous invoices, 1830-1832.

Katahdin Iron Works Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0270
Overview Records of the Katahdin Iron Works, an iron producing company located near Brownville Junction, Maine. It also includes records of Piscataquis Iron Works, a successor to Katahdin, and records generated by Prentiss and Carlisle Company of Bangor while managing the timberland on the Iron Works property.

King & Cundy Ledgers

Identifier: SpC MS 1139-sc
Overview Ledgers from a general store in Calais, Maine, arranged by name of customer and listing groceries and dry-goods purchased. The store is identified in the ledgers as both King & Cundy and G.D. King & Co.

Nahum Knapp Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1505-sc
Overview Ledger of a shoemaker from Bridgton, Maine, listing names of customers and work done for them, primarily making and mending shoes and boots. Customers paid for most work with cash but some was paid for by labor or by food or other goods.

L. B. & Company Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0283

Lane and Usher Records

Identifier: SpC MS 0287

Charles C. Larrabee Ledger

Identifier: SpC MS 1266-sc
Overview A ledger dating from 1883 to 1889 kept by a physician in Springfield, Maine. The volume lists names of patients, services provided by Dr. Larrabee, and payments received. Although most payments were in cash, some were made in goods such as oats, hay, butter, etc.

Ledger (1814-1819)

Identifier: SpC MS 0384

Ledger (1832-1840)

Identifier: SpC MS 1290-sc
Overview Ledger used by an unidentified person from Bloomfield (now Skowhegan), Maine, probably a farmer, to record goods sold and types of payments received for them.

Ledger (1841-1845)

Identifier: SpC MS 1109-sc
Overview Ledger from an unidentified business in Ellsworth, Maine, possibly a general store. The name Henry B. Stockbridge is written on the first page.

Ledger (1849-1851)

Identifier: SpC MS 1664-sc
Overview Ledger of an unidentified business, probably a general store in Fairfield, Maine. Entries are arranged by name of customer and are for purchases such as coffee, corn, apples, oats, potatoes, etc.

Ledger (1849-1853)

Identifier: SpC MS 1696-sc
Overview Ledger from an unidentified general store, possibly in Waterville, Maine.