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1998 Ice Storm Oral History Project

Identifier: MF101
Scope and Contents Personal stories, narratives, and anecdotes about the great January 1998 ice storm.

Airline Road & Airline Community Project

Identifier: MF001
Scope and Contents The collection consists of six interviews done by Joan Brooks and Jack Beard focused on the history of the Airline Road (Rt. 9 from Bangor to Calais, ME) and the Airline community ca. 1900.

Alexander-Crawford Historical Society Oral History Collection

Identifier: MF115
Scope and Contents This collection contains 38 cassette recordings of interviews with residents of the towns of Alexander and Crawford, Maine, conducted under the auspices of the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society between the years of 1980-1991. Topics range from aspects of the history and lifeways of the area; to Townsend House; the School in the Woods; mills; stage routes; blueberries; Princeton; Pembroke; woods work; lakes; Alexander Frost; ghosts; and many other topics pertaining to Alexander and...

Alfred Vigue Collection

Identifier: MF196
Scope and Contents A photo collection of the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Acadia National Park from 1934-1935.

American Thread Company/Russell Carey

Identifier: MF055
Scope and Contents A collection of fourteen series deposited by University of Maine graduate student, Russell Carey between March, 1992 and November, 1993. The collection features videotaped and or audio interviews with workers at the American Thread Company’s wooden spool mill in Milo, Maine, and contributed to research for Carey’s Master’s thesis entitled 3,750,000,000 Perfect Wooden Spools (University of Maine, 1994) (See NA 2329). The collective oral history of the mill’s workers documents conditions, issues,...

"Anna May: Eighty-Two Years in New England” Julie Hunter Collection

Identifier: MF002
Scope and Contents Anna Sevigny, interviewed by Julia Hunter, 1977, Hanover, New Hampshire. Series of interviews with about her life history. Topics covered include Irish immigrant ancestry; education levels; misunderstandings of different cultures; living conditions as a new arrival to the United States; disposition of parents. Also included is information about North Hartland, VT - description of social life and mills in the region as well as tenants; learning women's roles; chores; marriage; sewing and...

ANT 325 Halloween Holiday Traditions Collection

Identifier: MF022
Scope and Contents Material collected for ANT 325 (Oral History and Folklore: Fieldwork), fall 1985. Class materials collected pertaining to Halloween traditions in Maine. Eight-two individual accessions including tapes and transcripts and note cards containing citations of Halloween references in late 19th and early 20th century Maine newspapers. Interviewee ages range from 8 to 88 years old. Topics discussed include costumes; trick or treating; school and parties; Halloween treats; Finnish Easter; pranks;...

Argyle Boom Collection

Identifier: MF003
Scope and Contents The Argyle Boom Collection consists of approximately seventy-five hours of tape recorded interviews (now digitized). The interviews deal with Argyle Boom, which was one of several locations at which logs that had been cut upriver and floated or “driven” down the Penobscot River were sorted before being sent on to the lumber mills in Old Town, Orono, Veazie, Bangor, and Brewer, Maine, from approximately 1900 to 1930. The material includes interviews with people who had worked on the boom and...

Aroostook Oral History Project

Identifier: MF004
Scope and Contents Aroostook Oral History Project, 1971-1972, which resulted in a collection of 119 cassettes (now digitized), totaling 73 hours, with interviews of more than 150 people covering a wide range of topics; i.e., early county history, early farming and machinery, the Aroostook War, railroading, lumbering, potato farming, maple sugar making, folksongs, folklore, folk medicine, politics, town meetings, cross-border migration, smuggling, Indians, sporting camps, schools and schooling, tall tales,...

AY 123/AY 325 Country Music in Maine Series

Identifier: MF094
Scope and Contents A series of interviews about country music in Maine recorded for a class (AY 123, AY 325) taught at the University of Maine by Edward D. “Sandy” Ives in 1975. Most focus on country music in the 1930s in the Bangor, Maine, area. Topics covered include bands and performances and country music on the radio.

AY125/ANT325/ANT425/AY197/198 Oral History and Folklore: Fieldwork

Identifier: MF130
Scope and Contents Student papers on a wide variety of folklore and oral history topics, most focused on Maine traditions.

Bowdoin College Folklore Papers

Identifier: MF006
Scope and Contents Students from Bowdoin college investigated topics and wrote papers related to the folklore and folklife of Maine communities, including beliefs of fishermen, cookery, farm life, Prohibition and rum-running, mill work, Bath Iron Works, lobstering, quilting, folk medicine, ghosts,lighthouse keeping, boat building, lumbering, ship building, carpentry, hunting, and storytelling.

Brooklin Boat Building Collection

Identifier: MF157
Scope and Contents MF157 Brooklin Boat Building Collection

Interviews about boat building in Brooklin, Maine conducted by Maine Folklife Center's Pauleena MacDougal. Interviewees are George Allen, Frank Day Jr., Eric Dow, Wade Dow, Gilford W. Full, Havilah “Haddie” Hawkins, Brian Larkin, Brion Rieff, James F. “Jimmy” Steele, J. Steven White.

Also included: 35 photographs (P09157 - P09175, P09271 - P09286): Brooklin, Hawkins, Sails and Peapods, Brooklin School, Joel White.

C. Richard K. Lunt Collection (Jones Tracy & Boat Builders)

Identifier: MF082
Scope and Contents This collection consists of two series. The first, Jones Tracy, is a series of interviews (NA2968-NA2976) conducted by Richard Lunt in 1963 and 1964 which served as the basis for Lunt’s University of Maine M.A. thesis. Some material was also published as Jones Tracy: Tall Tale Hero from Mount Desert Island (Northeast Folklore, Vol. X). Interviewees recorded on tape include: Chauncey Somes, Ralph Tracy, Laurie Holmes, John Carroll, Robert Smallidge, George Tracy Reed, Lydia Storer, Clark...

Canada Road Survey

Identifier: MF007
Scope and Contents Series of interviews by historian Barry Rodrigue on immigration into Maine from Quebec along the route known as the Canada Road, which includes Route 201. The Canada Road ran from the Quebec border through Dennistown, Jackman, Moose River, West Forks, The Forks, and Caratunk, to Moscow and Bingham, Maine. 2373 Rodrigue, Barry H. July 1995.

Canadian Broadcasting Company “Folkways” Radio Programs

Identifier: MF114
Scope and Contents A series of CBC radio programs dealing with the folklore of the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

Climate Change Institute 40th Anniversary Oral History Project

Identifier: MF192
Scope and Contents Interviews done in 2013-2015 by Maine Folklife Center's Director Pauleena MacDougall and graduate research assistant Adam Cilli for the 40th anniversary of the UMaine Climate Change Institute. The interviews focus on the history of the Climate Change Institute, climate change in general, and the interviewees' specialties.

Cowing's Tavern Collection

Identifier: MF010
Scope and Contents The collection consists of three interviews about the history of Cowing’s Tavern in Lisbon Falls, Maine.

Cranberry Culture in Massachusetts Project

Identifier: MF013
Scope and Contents A series of 20 accessions featuring interviews done by Stephen Cole and Linda Gifford (1982-1983) documenting cranberry growing in southeastern Massachusetts.

Curran Family Homestead Project

Identifier: MF015
Scope and Contents The collection focuses on the Curran Family Homestead, a living history museum in Orrington, Maine. Interview topics include: memories of Alfred, Eddie, and Catherine Curran; dairy farming in East Orrington during the first half of the twentieth century; MA Crook and Sons Hillside Dairy; relationship between the Kimball family and the Currans; swimming in the Fields Pond in the summer; tobogganing on the Curran property in the winter; a genealogy of the Curran family; growing up in Orrington...

Deering Lumber Company Project

Identifier: MF016
Scope and Contents Collection consists of fourteen interviews with employees of the Deering Lumber Company.

Dinsmore Family Collection

Identifier: MF072
Scope and Contents A collection of Dinsmore / Rich family genealogy materials including over three hundred photos pertaining to outdoor life, women, and family gatherings.

Discovery Research Collection

Identifier: MF161
Scope and Contents The collection is comprised of 5 archive boxes full of notes, recordings, photos, videos, CD ROMs and computer databases, collected between 1995 and 2007. Some of these materials are unlabeled and will require some research to identify the contents.

700 photos, some digital but most are not
200 slides, not scanned
75 hours of cassette tapes 25 hours of minidisc tape

DownEast Friends of the Folk Arts (DEFFA)

Identifier: MF204
Scope and Contents Material from DownEast Friends of the Folk Arts (DEFFA). DEFFA 's purpose is to aid and encourage the folk arts-- music, dance, storytelling, etc.-- in Maine. The Board of Friends when DEFFA was incorporated as a non-profit included Edward D. "Sandy" Ives and Barbara Ann Herrel “Bobby” Ives.

Dowsing and Dowsers Collection

Identifier: MF095
Scope and Contents A series of interviews and supplemental manuscript material on dowsing or water witching, most conducted as part of a class project in Edward D. “Sandy” Ives’ Oral History and Folklore: Fieldwork (AY 125) course at the University of Maine in 1984. Other accessions were added to the series because of their focus on dowsing. Dowsers discuss techniques and materials; uses of dowsing in archaeology learning to dowse; beliefs about dowsing; dowsing as a way of healing; locating ley lines; and tell...

Eastport History/Hugh French Collection

Identifier: MF046
Scope and Contents This collection includes twenty-eight interviews with thirteen Eastport residents, plus manuscript material collected as part of French’s research. In addition to the general history of Eastport, major topics discussed include the sardine industry and community holiday celebrations.

Edward D. Ives Papers

Identifier: MF027
Scope and Contents The Maine Folklife Center founder, Edward D. “Sandy” Ives, was prolific in his work. Due to the volume of material, his work has been divided between two collections, this one and MF 167 (previously all under MF 027). This collection contains the materials that were given to the center both upon Ives’s retirement and his death. MF 167 consists of fieldwork from 1955 to 1999 done by Ives and a variety of interviews which he conducted. Thus far, all of the material listed here has been...

Edward O. Schriver Collection of University of Maine Photos

Identifier: MF103
Scope and Contents Photos of UMaine campus activities and events.

F.O.L.K. (Focus On Local Knowledge) Collection

Identifier: MF017
Scope and Contents Produced by Don DePoy, 1994-1996, Sydney and Crawford, Maine. Footage features music groups taped at the Breakneck Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Crawford, Maine (1994) and the Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival in Sydney, Maine (1995). Artists include Evergreen, the Stevens Family, Sassygrass, Bluegrass Supply Company, the Gibson Brothers, the Sandy River Ramblers, Smokey Greene, Eddie Poirier and the Bluegrass Four, Simon St. Pierre, Kenny Baker and Josh Graves, the Lewis Family, Shady...

Folk Traditions Festival Collection

Identifier: MF109
Scope and Contents The event was ponsored by the Maine Folklife Center, the first annual Folk Traditions Festival was held November 6-7, 1998 at the University of Maine in Orono. The festival featured musicians and dancers from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Some examples of the music performed were Cape Breton fiddle music and song selections in English and Gaelic are played with talking interspersed throughout.

Folksong Student Papers

Identifier: MF018
Scope and Contents This collection contains a series of student projects on folksongs in America.

Folksongs in February Collection

Identifier: MF111
Scope and Contents The recordings were of a folk music concert program called “Folksongs in February” which was held at the University of Maine in February, 1977.

Foxfire Bicentennial Project

Identifier: MF019
Scope and Contents A nationwide project coordinated by E. Wigginton, founder of Foxfire, of interviews with the elderly about their lives and their hopes and fears for the future of the nation.

Frances Robinson Mitchell Collection

Identifier: MF099
Scope and Contents Items donated by Frances Robinson Mitchell, including an essay for her children about her grandfather, her time in the Marine Corps in WWII, and woods work.

Frank Spizuoco Dexter Town History Collection

Identifier: MF097
Scope and Contents Interviews conducted by Frank Spizuoco from 1963 to 1970 of two residents of Dexter, Maine. Albert “Bert” Call, a retired Dexter photographer, talks about local history and about his working life before and after moving to Dexter, Maine in 1886, and Erma Bentley, a long-time resident of Dexter, records her memories about early Dexter residents and town history.

Frederick Pratson Collection

Identifier: MF042
Scope and Contents Independent collection of folklore material contributed to the Maine Folklife Center by Frederick Pratson. Contains interviews in connection with donor’s “Oral and Visual History and Talent Development Program Among Indians and Inshore Fishing People of the State of Maine, The Canadian Maritime Provinces, and Quebec,” done under the sponsorship of the New England-Atlantic Provinces- Quebec Center at the University of Maine (Orono), 1972. The interviewees were a group of Nova Scotia fishermen, a...

General Collection

Identifier: MF500
Scope and Contents An artificially created collection of miscellaneous accessions that are not associated with any specific course or project, nor with a donor of multiple accessions. As such there is no unifying theme, topic, or format for these interviews and papers.

General Photograph Collection

Identifier: MF075
Scope and Contents General photographs that don't belong to another specific collection, primarily dealing with Maine in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

George Carey Collection of Student Folklore Papers

Identifier: MF020
Scope and Contents A collection of approximately 1200 student papers by various students of George Carey and Rayna Green, 1972-1992, from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, collected by George Carey, and concerning the folklore of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont. The papers cover an extremely wide range of folklore; folklife; ethnic heritage; local history topics; various location in the US. A list of titles is available, but no further indexing has been done. Note: a small...

"Hancock County Elders” Hancock County Cooperative Extension Service/Roberta Chester

Identifier: MF023
Scope and Contents A series of interviews with Hancock County elders by Roberta Chester sponsored by the Hancock County Cooperative Extension Service.

History of the University of Maine Oral History Project/David Smith

Identifier: MF057
Scope and Contents A series of interviews conducted by Shirley Tardiff for David C. Smith, a professor of history at the University of Maine, in 1971, about the history of the University of Maine in Orono. See Smith’s book, The First Century: A History of the University of Maine, 1865-1965.

Honest Woodsman Collection

Identifier: MF025
Scope and Contents This collection consists mainly of a series of interviews with and about David Priest, who was at the time a retired game warden, about his experiences as a warden, trapper, and guide.

Islands and Bridges: Communities of Memory in Old Town, Maine/French Island Collection

Identifier: MF026
Scope and Contents A 1992 community based oral history project co-sponsored by the Maine Folklife Center and the Franco-American Center at the University of Maine generated a series of 35 interviews focusing on the culture and history of the French Canadian immigrant community located on French Island, Old Town, Maine. The project also resulted in a book of photographs, interview excerpts, and articles, Nos Histoires de I’lle: History and memories of French Island, Old Town, Maine (1999) ...

Isle Au Haut Oral History Project Collection

Identifier: MF113
Content Description Series of interviews with longtime residents of Isle Au Haut concerning the history of the island community.

Labor Relations in Maine

Identifier: MF038
Scope and Contents A collection featuring two sets of interviews. The first was conducted from 1969-1973 under the auspices of the Maine State Federated Labor Council. Topics range widely over the spectrum of organized labor issues in Maine, but seem to deal primarily with unions, union organizing, and elections. Interviewees include top ranking union officials as well as lobstermen, longshoremen, bricklayers, quarry workers, textile and paper millworkers, sulfite workers, iron workers, shipbuilders, railroad...

“Life of the Maine Lobsterman” project

Identifier: MF037
Scope and Contents The bulk of the nineteen accessions (33 hours) in this collection consists of interviews by David Taylor conducted during the summer of 1974 focused on Maine lobster fishermen. Series NA0726, NA0727, and NA0747 - NA0750 have been added to the collection since they are on the same topic and were done around the same time. Included in the "supplemental material" is the contents of the MF037 collection folder: correspondence, clippings, articles, and surveys relating to the Life of the Maine...

Lincoln County Project/Leighton Photo Collection

Identifier: MF030
Scope and Contents The Lincoln County Project Collection includes the tape recorded interviews, copy prints of photos from the Joseph Leighton Collection, and paper documents pertaining to the exhibit and the tapes. Copy prints of images from the E. Joseph (“Joe”) Leighton Photograph Collection are found in the Northeast Archives as P01922 - P02238.

Linda Gilbert Collection of Penobscot Indian Music

Identifier: MF084
Scope and Contents This collection consists of two brief tape-recorded interviews conducted by Davenport apparently for her master’s thesis on Penobscot Indian Music. In all, Davenport interviewed thirty-two informants but most were not recorded.

Little City Bangor Collection

Identifier: MF211
Scope and Contents Interviews conducted by then MA history student Sarah K. Martin with Louis Rolnick, Dorrice Trickey Wetzler, and Suzanne “Sue” Hodgins Mock on their experiences growing up in the Little City neighborhood in Bangor, Maine.

Margaret Martin/Liveaboard Sailors Interviews

Identifier: MF105
Scope and Contents This collection consists of nine interviews with people who live aboard sailboats, mostly along the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida, although one interview was done in Maine. The live-aboard sailors discuss their life histories; experiences on the sea; design and maintenance of their vessels; recipes; sea lore; and sea stories (yarns).

Louise Manny/Lord Beaverbrook Collection of New Brunswick Folksong

Identifier: MF032
Scope and Contents Collection consists of approximately 125 songs and ballads dubbed from Louise Manny’s original field recordings (1950s-1960s) which are collectively known as known as the “Lord Beaverbrook Collection of New Brunswick Folksong.”

Lumberman's Life Series

Identifier: MF012
Scope and Contents Interviews that focus on lumbering, woods work, and river drives that are not associated with specific projects.

Lynn Franklin Collection

Identifier: MF081
Scope and Contents A collection of 73 separate accessions containing interviews with Mainers on a wide range of topics relating to life and work in the state of Maine, conducted 1972-1983 by Lynn Franklin, a journalist who specialized in cultural stories, occupational lore, life histories, and human interest stories. Of special interest are Franklin's interviews relating to lobstering, woods work, guides and canoe building, boats and boat building, and rural education.

Machias River Project

Identifier: MF033
Scope and Contents This collection consists of twenty interviews totaling approximately thirty-two hours conducted by Edward D. “Sandy” Ives in 1986 with men who worked in the woods and on the river-drives along the Machias River.

Maine Fiber Arts: Threads of Our Lives

Identifier: MF195
Scope and Contents This collection contains interviews done with fiber artists in the state of Maine about their art and traditions as well as recordings of the narrative stage at the 2016 American Folk Festival and three library events.

Maine Folklife Survey

Identifier: MF035
Scope and Contents The survey was developed to identify and document folklife resources within the state. Material culture collections were identified, and traditional festivals and community events were recorded using audio and video equipment. Almost a hundred interviews were conducted with informants during the course of the project. The interviews have been accessioned in summary form instead of with full transcriptions, and they are open to the public. Through a series of questionnaires and interviews,...

Maine Leaders Oral History Project

Identifier: MF036
Scope and Contents Interviews with Senator Margaret Chase Smith (1990), James Russell Wiggins (1988)(Editor of the Ellsworth American).

Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Identifier: MF024
Scope and Contents Collection of various recordings by MPBN.

Maine Women During the Depression and World War II

Identifier: MF040
Scope and Contents This collection began with the research done by Rita Breton as part of her graduate work in history at the University of Maine. Breton conducted approximately twenty interviews with Maine women about their lives and work during the Great Depression and WWII. In addition, in the fall of 1982, students in Edward D. "Sandy" Ives’ class AY 125 were asked to locate and interview people on the topic of women's lives during the Depression and World War II. The semester project yielded forty-five...

Maine/Maritimes Folklore Collection/CP 180

Identifier: MF076
Scope and Contents This collection consists of student papers. The early items are largely miscellaneous gatherings of individual items: jokes, tall tales, ghost stories, traditional medicine, popular beliefs and superstitions, legends, local character yarns, etc. and only occasionally include tape recordings. Later accessions reflect the trend in the field of folklore to emphasize context over items gathered for their own sake. Thus they are more apt to consist of life histories with an emphasis on life styles...

Marshall Dodge Collection

Identifier: MF089
Scope and Contents This collection consists of an interview with Rob Golding and Earl Bonness who give humorous stories and anecdotes of Downeast (Maine) about local people and events.

"Me and Fannie" interviews

Identifier: MF041
Scope and Contents This collection contains a series of interviews with Ralph Thornton who discusses the local history of Topsfield, woods work and river work, songs, and stories.

Miramichi Folksong Festival Collection

Identifier: MF102
Scope and Contents This collection includes a series of interviews relating to the Miramichi Folksong Festival and recordings of various years of the festival.

Molly Spotted Elk Collection

Identifier: MF079
Scope and Contents Molly Spotted Elk (b. 1903) was the stage name of Mary Alice "Molliedellis" Nelson, a Penobscot Indian woman from Maine who entered the world of vaudeville and entertainment at a young age. In the late 1920s she starred in a motion picture, “The Silent Enemy” filmed in northern Canada. She became a dancer on the Paris stage and married a French journalist, but was forced to flee the country during the German occupation in World War II. This collection consists of three accessions. NA 1116,...

Morgiana Halley Projects

Identifier: MF021
Scope and Contents Two series by Morgiana P. Halley, one dealing with marine disasters in Newfoundland folk balladry and the other with marine convoys of World War II.

Nash Island Light Project Collection

Identifier: MF080
Scope and Contents A series of two interviews with Jenny Cirone, age 86, done on behalf of a group wishing to restore the Nash Island Lighthouse, by Anu Dudley in October, 1998. The interviews primarily focused on Jenny Cirone’s reminiscences of growing up on Nash Island, Maine, where her father was the lighthouse keeper. Topics include: raising and shearing sheep; fishing; lobstering; clamming; gardening; schooling; tending the Nash Island lighthouse; tourists; ice skating; hurricanes; games; boats; clothing;...

Norman Cazden Collection

Identifier: MF008
Scope and Contents This collection reflects Norman Cazden's career as both collector and composer.

Northeast Harbor Library Oral History Collection

Identifier: MF043
Scope and Contents A series of interviews about life in Northeast Harbor and the surrounding areas.

Northeast Town History Papers Collection

Identifier: MF062
Scope and Contents A collection of 100 student papers done as coursework for anthropology classes at the University of Maine at Orono between ca. 1976-1978. Each paper treats a specific town or community and deals with the history and lore concerning that place. Most towns are in Maine but a few are in New Hampshire and Newfoundland. Some papers contain maps, photos, and other supplementary items.

Ole Larsen Photo Collection (University of New Brunswick Library)

Identifier: MF107
Scope and Contents Photo prints depicting woods work and life in the lumber woods (ca. 1890-1930).

One Year Later: The Closing of Penobscot Poultry and the Transition of a Veteran Employee

Identifier: MF045
Scope and Contents A series of interviews with Linda J. Lord in which she talks about the work she did for 20 years at Penobscot Poultry, her feelings about being unemployed after Penobscot closed and general conversations about her life in Maine.

“Our Life, Our Work” Lewiston Western Older Citizens Council/Marcella Sorg and Stefan Duplessis

Identifier: MF029
Scope and Contents This project involved a series of bilingual interviews utilizing family albums to stimulate discussion about Franco-American culture, particularly as it pertained to work. That is, it concerned the following: how work reflected cultural values; work ethic; work/occupation patterns; how work was integrated with family life (or interfered with it); the history of work patterns in the Lewiston area, and about Franco-American culture and family life in general. We interviewed elderly persons...

Penobscot Bay Fisheries and Industries Project

Identifier: MF047
Scope and Contents A series of thirteen interviews, totaling twenty-four hours of recordings, conducted in 1973-1974 by David Taylor under contract for the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine, with fishermen from the Penobscot Bay region. Themes include equipment used and techniques; fisheries locations, species, and extent; dangers and satisfactions of the fisherman’s life; industry economics; family and community networks. Includes some photographs.

Penobscot Bay Islands Interviews

Identifier: MF048
Scope and Contents A series of interviews with residents of the Penobscot Bay Islands. Interviewees discuss local history; economic aspects of island life; food supplies; summer people; fishing; farming; sail, steam, and motor boats; health care; and schools. Specific islands discussed include: Hog Island, Pond Island, Western Island, Pickering’s Island; Eagle Island, Opechee Island, Bear Island, and Butter Island.

Penobscot River Commercial Fisheries Project/David Taylor

Identifier: MF049
Scope and Contents The collection consists of a series of interviews with eight fishermen done by David Taylor on the commercial fisheries of the Penobscot River in Maine. Taylor interviewed men who fished for smelt, salmon, sturgeon, alewives, eels, and cod; also an eel wholesaler. Methods discussed include net fishing; weir fishing; and winter fishing. Towns discussed include Winterport; Frankfort; and Bangor.

Popular Music of Newfoundland Project recording dubs/Michael Taft & Shelley Posen

Identifier: MF050
Scope and Contents This collection consists of an interview with Jimmy Linegar who primarily discusses music and his life.

Pride of Maine Fair

Identifier: MF071
Scope and Contents Music performances and narrative workshops recorded at the Pride of Maine Fair held at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, July, 1979.

R. B. Hall and the Community Bands of Maine/ Gordon w. Bowie

Identifier: MF011
Scope and Contents This collection includes interviews with nine individuals. Topics covered include local performances at dance halls, theaters, and radio stations, musicians, Musicians Union Local 768, and other matters relating to community bands.

Millie Rahn Fieldwork Collection

Identifier: MF209
Scope and Contents MF209 contains fieldwork and other materials collected by folklorist Millie Rahn from 1996-2008 in the course of contract work she did in Maine for various funding bodies. Series 2-5 all relate to the developement of “Come See What’s Cooking in Hancock County” a week-long tour (September 27-October 3, 1998) and the culminatating Downeast Folk Festival (October 3, 1998) produced by Hancock Country Planning Commission and organized by Millie Rahn. Series 6 deals with work...

Refugee Arts Group/Southeast Asian Collection (Boston)

Identifier: MF051
Scope and Contents A large collection of various materials reflecting the work of Refugee Arts Group, an organization working with newly arrived immigrants from Southeast Asia in Massachusetts during the 1980s.

“Remnants of Our Lives: Maine Women and Traditional Textile Arts” Project & Exhibit

Identifier: MF052
Scope and Contents "Remnants of Our Lives: Maine Women and Traditional Textile Arts" was an exhibition, sponsored and curated by the Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History in collaboration with the Hudson Museum, the University of Maine's anthropology museum within the Maine Center for the Arts. The exhibition celebrated the skills, talent, and creativity of fifteen Maine women, representing the state's diversity of folklife communities, through a selection of textile objects, narrative texts based...

Rick Seyford Collection

Identifier: MF100
Scope and Contents Items donated by Frederick Seyford, two radio programs: "Music from the South: Tradition and Innovation" and "Ballads, Blues and Breakdowns."

Ricker College Student Folklore Papers

Identifier: MF053
Scope and Contents Papers written by students enrolled in a folklore class at Ricker College (Houlton, Maine) taught by Gifford Stevens. Topics include jokes, home remedies, proverbs, ghost stories, games, folktales, superstitions, graffiti, and children's folklore.

Rob Golding/Pamela Dean Collection

Identifier: MF213
Scope and Contents Research and correspondence related to Rob Golding, a renowned Maine storyteller. Intended for a radio program, though it is not know if it was every made. Assembled by Pamela Dean during her time at the Maine Folklife Center. Dean did present a paper “Performing Maine: Three Generations of Storytellers (Rob Golding, Marshall Dodge, and Tim Sample)” at the Oral History Association in 2004 and at the Orono Public Library and the Eastport Historical Society.

Robert Black Recordings of Folksinger George Edwards

Identifier: MF098
Scope and Contents Songs and ballads sung by George Edwards, a well known traditional singer of ballads and folkongs from the Catskill Mountain region of New York.

Rum Running/ Bootlegging Collection

Identifier: MF009
Scope and Contents William Cavallini, interviewed by Pauleena MacDougall, May 16, 1997, in Harwich, Massachusetts. Cavallini discusses his experiences rum-running on the coast of Maine, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia during Prohibition; operating the radio on rum-running boats beginning 1930; packaging of liquor; unloading at night; locations where liquor was unloaded; recollections of Meteghan, Nova Scotia; boat specifications; pay; killing of rumrunners; pastimes when not running rum; names of...

Sister Saint Jude Poulin Folksong Collection

Identifier: MF077
Scope and Contents Linwood Brown, Carl E. Kelley, Robert French, Mrs. Elwood Nickerson, Dale Potter, others, interviewed by Sister St. Jude Poulin, 1962, Machias, Vanceboro, Franklin, Kingman, and Gardiner, Maine. Interviews, correspondence, and notes pertaining to Sister Poulin’s M.A. thesis titled "A Classification and Literary History of the Ballads Known in Hancock and Washington Counties, Maine, Mid-Century" (Boston College, 1962). Accession includes correspondence, song texts, manuscript texts...

Skinner Settlement Project

Identifier: MF056
Scope and Contents A series of interviews about farm life in Maine at the turn of the twentieth century, conducted by students in Oral History and Folklore: Fieldwork in the fall of 1974. The interviewees discuss life at the Skinner Settlement in East Corinth, Maine; including house layouts, furnishings; farm buildings; machinery; clothing; and social customs.

Spiritualist Church/Bonita Freeman Witthoft Collection

Identifier: MF123
Scope and Contents This collection consists of a series of interviews and recordings of various meetings and sessions of the Spiritualist Church in Maine and especially at Camp Etna. The interviews were conducted by Bonita Freeman Witthoft in connection with her thesis From the Other Side of Life: Modern Spiritualism in Maine, in 1975. Witthoft was primarily interested in fundamental religious concepts, forms of apprenticeship, acquired patterns of perception and behavior, the discipline of mediums as spokesmen...

"Suthin" Project

Identifier: MF058
Scope and Contents Ten interviews totaling 23 hours conducted for a course at University of Maine taught by Edward D. "Sandy" Ives in 1976 about a pulpwood operation at Little Musquash Lake run by Grover Morrison. This project included the publication of Northeast Folklore: Suthin, XVIII. These interviews were the basis of “Suthin”: It’s the Opposite of Nothin’: An Oral History of Grover Morrison’s Wood’s Operation at Little Musquash Lake, 1945-1947 (Northeast Folklore XVIII: 1977 ). Collection includes the text...

The American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront

Identifier: MF136
Scope and Contents Accessions related to the American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront 2005 - 2016 (after it ceased to be the National Folk Festival). After 2016 the Folklife Area was cut due to budget.

"The Last Smokehouse" Film Project

Identifier: MF028
Scope and Contents Collections consists of video received from filmmaker Truppin relating to the 1989 film project about the dying of the herring smoking industry on the coast of Maine. The project was called “The Last Smokehouse: Lubec and the Herring Smoking Industry of Maine.”

Thomas “Archie” Stewart Collection

Identifier: MF085
Scope and Contents The Stewart family of Newburgh, New York, had a long association with the eastern Maine, area where they had a camp. Rob Golding of Perry, Maine, acted as their guide for many years in the first half of the twentieth century. This collection consists of a series of interviews with Golding, a renowned story teller, conducted by Archie Stewart; a manuscript history of the Stewart family; and video copies of Stewart family home movies.

“Tom Tilton: Coaster and Fisherman”/Gale Huntington

Identifier: MF061
Scope and Contents This collection contains a set of interviews with Tom Tilton who was a coaster and fisherman from Massachusetts.

Traditional Music of Maine Project Collection

Identifier: MF039
Scope and Contents The collection includes 37 cassette recordings of interviews (now digitized) with 44 individuals in addition to performances. Traditional Music of Maine celebrates the musical legacies of a variety of Maine folk communities by exploring their cultural and historical significance through oral history interviews with musicians and other community members. The tapes introduce the general public to the remarkable diversity and vitality of Maine's musical traditions. Program...

UM-Augusta Communication Course Interviews

Identifier: MF063
Scope and Contents The collection consists of a series of interviews done for a University of Maine at Augusta course in Speaker-Audience Communications, Fall 1977. Topics covered include: the Farnsworth Museum; the Robert Abbe Museum; Lucy Farnsworth; Rockland, Maine, in the early 1900s; Northport in the War of 1812; Waldoboro News Stand; Knox Arboretum in Warren, Maine; lace mills and the lace business in St. George, Maine; lime kilns; Clark Island Quarry and quarry stone cutting; farm life in Vassalboro in the...

UMaine 150th Anniversary Collection

Identifier: MF194
Scope and Contents Interviews conducted for UMaine’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

UMaine during the Vietnam War era/Laura Finkel Collection

Identifier: MF070
Scope and Contents A series of fifteen interviews recorded between 1994 - 1997 by Laura Finkel concerning anti-war movement, protests, and activities on the campus at the University of Maine during the Vietnam War era (1964 - 1973).

“Value Formation in Lesbian Lives”/Deo McKaig

Identifier: MF106
Scope and Contents A series of 10 interviews by McKaig for her Master's Thesis: “Value Formation in Lesbian Lives.” Due to the sensitive nature of the material, only the first names of the interviewees are given.